Bonds of relationships

Bonds of relationships:2 Values For Happy Relationship


Bonds of relationships

A relationship can be considered as a bond of mutual trust between two or more living beings. The key aspect of every relationship should be mutual trust and loyalty so as to avoid toxicity and negative emotions in one’s relationship. In today’s world, trust and loyalty are as rare as a gemstone. Let’s highlight the different aspects of relationships in each of our lives-

Relationships with your peers

Taking into consideration a broader spectrum of a relationship, in today’s world how easy is it to trust our acquaintances, friends, and colleagues? At some point in time, we definitely do doubt their advice and intentions, which isn’t wrong. Self-analysis is a healthy concept that makes one think, realize and act upon a particular situation along with the outer advice.

Sometimes our peers would want the best of us, while on the other hand, some have their personal motive to bring the other down. Self-analysis plays a crucial role in today’s competitive sphere, which deals with competition and the intention of one to have an edge over the other in terms of earning an extra penny or having a renowned reputation. However, years of friendship and guidance from a group of friends lead to a strong bond of trust in which one seeks the advice of another in times of difficulty.

Relationships with your family

One trusts their family members solely from a toddler till the time death tears one apart. A family is a unit of social bonding that looks after a child’s well-being by nurturing and encouraging him/her in every way possible. As a child, the thought of trust in our family is ingrained in each of our minds. When a child transits from the phase of a toddler to the stage of adolescence he/she carries the culture and values of the family forward.

The transition phase plays an important role in each one’s life as an individual tries to drift away from the family and learns to be an independent being. However old one gets or however stray one falls, a family is a structure that advises us all through our lives. In today’s world, most of the youth do not realize the importance of a family.

In a sphere where each of us wants to lead a life all by ourselves, without a hindrance on our privacy, we have lost a beautiful bond with our family.

Most of us are tied to the clutches of technology that we have no time to bond with our family even during our meals or festivals.

Relationship with your spouse

Marriage is a beautiful bond in which two separate individuals come together, taking a vow and making commitments that are considered sacred. Some religions consider marriage a sacrament while on the other hand, some consider it a contact.
Marriage is a bountiful relationship that is experienced by most of us during the ¾ of our life span. Most people face many challenges while trying to hold on to their spouses. The key aspect of this relationship is the growth and nurturing of both individuals.

Even though both individuals may get caught up with their daily chores and work, at the end of the day it is necessary to spare some time for each other, which in return will help strengthen the bond of marriage.

It is necessary for each woman to keep in mind that no matter what circumstances come their way, it is important to hold on to her identity. Women having an identity of their own would at times be a challenge to a patriarchal structure. At times every day could be a challenge for some couples, but what really matters is that no matter how many storms life throws at you, it is necessary to face life with a good and positive will.

Hardships and challenges are a part and parcel of every relationship, what really matters is how tactfully both individuals work together and get the issue resolved.


Throughout the stages of one’s life, an individual comes across various other relationships which create an impact on their lives. Some bonds may lead to our growth while on the other hand, some may lead to our downfall.

Teenagers of today are in a fast-paced environment, most of us do not consider the outcome of our deeds and actions. Thus the practice of choosing, reflecting, and considering the outcome reflects the good side of an individual.
This in the end it is an important and a very critical aspect for each one of us to choose our circle wisely.


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