Earthquakes in 2023

Earthquakes and Elite Perspective: 2023

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Earthquakes vs obsessive nature of control!

“Earthquakes are the smallest of nature’s warnings to remind how smaller mankind is.”, As a famous saying goes by, clearly picturizing the worth of the mortals on par with the colossal might of nature, earthquakes, for instance. As of 2023, every soul has understood the might of nature and most, amongst them, have accepted their gravely consequential actions. In 2023, we’ve known 7.6 magnitude Earthquake in Indonesia, 7 in Vanuatu, 6.3 in Japan, 5.7 in Iran, 6.4 in Argentina, 7.8 and 7.5 in turkey, 6.9 in New Zealand, 7 in Papua New Guinea, 6.3 in Panama altogether counting to slightly above 50 earthquakes in 3.5 months of 2023 alone. Now that’s something to worry about.


Let’s take it from the roots to ensure we’re well acquainted with earthquakes. An earthquake is a natural phenomenon in which tremors are experienced on the land surface due to the sudden energy release (seismic waves) from tectonic plates inside the earth. The impact of the Earthquake is commonly measured on the Richter scale. As the tectonic plates drift across each other, sometimes, they slip, and that slip will release the seismic waves all the way to the surface causing tremors.

However, though we have put forth many efficient innovations against these earthquakes, every single measures are just momentary safety. For example, we are told to get down under the table if the building starts to tremble, this solution is efficient for low magnitude Earthquakes in which structures just tremble not collapse. If we think of the same earthquake in its increased magnitude, the same solution could turn out as a trap. This is one of many techniques we’re told and taught.

The resources on earth are finite. Land, topping as the most precious resources , is also no exception. Additionally, It’s very critical to understand that earth bears certain amount of pressure on it. Although the maximum capacity is still afar, the wise would act to extend the distance of afar. Among many things, when all these conditions fail, tectonics plates slip a bit, resulting in minor earthquakes. 55 earthquakes take worldwide on an avg, including within the oceans. I now personally think it’s time we act wise.

How can mere humans prevent earthquakes? No, we can not. Earthquakes are mostly naturally occurring. Though, it’d be foolish of the mankind to put efforts in controlling the nature. Unfortunately, humans activities such as mining, fluid injection, geo thermal energy production and so on can upscale the chances of earthquakes. If we crucially look at all these activities, it’s evident that every one of them is blended with the depths of the earth. Centuries of existence, learning and progress, yet mortals are stubborn to learn the fact that the deeper we mess with earth, the strongest it tends to mess back, mostly with quakes.


The days of facts are gone. These are the days in which we learn the truth through the facts and truth only shows up when you follow the trail of faith. Anybody can surf precautionary measures for earthquakes and whatnot but what truly matters is called perspective.

The perspective will not prevent earthquakes, but the ignorance of knowledge and mindless acts to trigger potentially powerful quakes, off course it does. Earth will perish one day, yet, it’s our responsibility to make sure that this shouldn’t happen when we’re still in it and we all know how if we know how to think. Nonetheless, It all comes down to we might find another earth, but really, I haven’t seen anybody forgetting their first love!

“Act learned brothers and sisters, and remember, earthquakes are tiniest of that which could surge.”

Sathvik N

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