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1 Story of India: You would love to know

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A Brief Story of India

Hey, readers so we all know ‘August 15th’ is approaching , yeah ; everyone is going to share the pictures of our freedom fighters and share things of our army , but did you ever give a thought of the circumstances of August 15th, 1947.

Let’s get into reading , all celebrate the independence of India.

This year is going to be the 75th year but did you know the story we all have learned in our social textbooks Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation ?

What made us celebrate the freedom of an independent country than being ruled by the British ?

We all are thought the British ruled us for over 200 years.

But we weren’t alone in that many countries were exploited and resources from them , were stolen. Before the British ruling us , we had a monarchy system, I hope many people have an idea about it for those who don’t have , it is a king ruling the region we had many dynasties where did that all go?

Let’s have a look , Clement Attlee who was the former Prime Minister of the UK for the year 1945-1951 had declared that India would be granted independence but India was a secular country by then we had different religious people having the Mughal emperor.By the ruling of the British people, the emperors of the regions were scattered including the people kings were appointed under the British commanders and were asked to follow the rules.

So many leagues were formed to fight against the British one of them was the Muslim League in the year of 1947 the Muslim league appealed for the new Muslim country their intentions were to convey that undivided India would lead to many troubles.

(I must state that for the partition of India , only Muslim League was not responsible, it is a different episode of story of India , will discuss in length , separately .)

Lord Mountbatten- the general governor of India : The greatest confusion time

June 3rd, 1947 lord Mountbatten was the general governor of India at the moment proclaimed that partitioning of India would happen into 2 different regions , the first one is secular India and the second one is Muslim Pakistan till then India and Pakistan together were known as India On August 14th, 1947 Pakistan was declared a separate nation with it’s the leader as Muhammed Ali Jinnah as the leader and on August 15th at the stroke of midnight, India was declared as an independent nation. It was a very happy and proud moment for every Indian before we can celebrate its joy there were brutal clashes going on between the Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs.

At those times there was no population count, it was estimated that more than six thousand people were killed around this period. The remaining people who were part of India thought there would be no peace it was estimated that more than 11 million of Hindus , Muslims, and Sikhs have migrated.

That time in India is said to be the greatest confusing time in India many people in India at that time weren’t educated and neither know the reasons for these fights at this time and many people lost their names without even knowing. Our leader , Jawaharlal Nehru made an important decision requesting Lord Mountbatten to continue as the general governor for the next formal year. And he would be replaced by Rajgopalachari.

“Mahatma Gandhi ” was assassinated

And therefore a year passed by and the pride of our nation “Mahatma Gandhi ” was assassinated and left our entire nation in great shock and every Indian was downcast by his death in 1948.

It moved many life’s and the leaders of the nation were in great trouble for the unstable situation and were in serious action of drafting the constitution. And on 26th January 1950 republic of India was claimed.

Goa at that time was still under Portuguese ruling even after the Independence of India. On December 19th, 1961 it was annexed to India when the Indian army backed by the air force put an end to Portuguese rule. And these wars weren’t the end Indian army had many wars and this was the beginning. In the year 1962 Indian decided to fight against China and resulted in defeat as China was very advanced in its technology and population as India was very new to this kind of war.

The division of Bangladesh from Pakistan

And had its second war against Pakistan in the year 1965 and had won, but It also resulted in the Indo-Pak war and successfully had a second win against Pakistan and this resulted in the division of Bangladesh from Pakistan. Over the emerging year, India was developed in terms of education and scientific fields and produced the best and finest members in all the fields like scientists doctors Engineers, sportsmen, etc.

‘INDIA’ is not just a name

India’ is not just a name to us , it is our country, our home , our people since then it was known as a developing country and it is the top democratic country everything has both positive and negative so does our country , this Independence Day don’t salute but do contribute to our country anything small or big , it need not change the country in a day , may be giving food or people in need everything counts and everything brings a change , this situation might be new to us but not our country , be the change you want to expect from the country.

Don’t respect our nation just because you are Indian , respect it because it deserves more than respect it , because many sacrificed their lives and peace for this nation. Respect it because it is the reason we have an identity. Respect it because we are unique than the others .

भरा नहीं ,जो भावों से ,
बहती जिसमें रसधार नहीं ,
‘ह्रदय ‘नहीं ; वह पत्थर है ,
जिसमें ‘ स्वदेश ‘ का प्यार नहीं !

Jai Hind !
Bhanu sree

Hey people!! I am Bhanu sree my interest on writing is its my hobby .I want to convey the interest of different aspects and traditions through my writings.

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