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What love is and what it is supposed to be.

Love is arguably the most beautiful thing on earth. If one asks me about love, I’d rather be on it’s positive side. The reason behind this is love has been a happiness for most of the people for days, months, years or even decades. Now here comes the part I hate. After being happy for this long period and if something goes sideways, they blame everything to it and change it’s definition from happiness to pain. Seriously?

So what is this? The hope and happiness you see in the eyes of a person when they see you coming is love. When it comes to types of love, one can’t categorize it enough. The worth it holds is immense. Sometimes, it shows us the path that we are supposed to walk on and sometimes it reviews the path we’ve been walking on.

The measure of a person’s nobleness can be seen in the way he/she loves. That’s when our parents and friends come in here. The former is right next to Gods considering the way they love, and the latter is no less than to be called “beautiful” considering the fact that those people never leave you unloved. Once you posses parents and good friends, you are one good man.

This aspect right here can change realities, one’s perspective of thinking, one’s maturity, character and probably mentally everything. This can then only be worse if one among two people is pretending to love. That’s when bad incidents happen and thoughts about it would change.

We see people working hard, sacrificing lives, breaking commitments and so on. All these for what? Just for that something what they love. You see what happened here? Those people could’ve left to stay in what comforts them, and now they just choose struggle over comfort so that they and their loved ones can be comfortable together a while after. That’s the worth the it holds in who understands it.

And these days, this dimension of feelings and emotions, has been misunderstood. Kids would say, I love her, we overcome everything and then we marry. Woohoo! A happy ending! Oh boy, that’s not called as a happy ending. It’s after 70 years when you and your partner remember the life you lead that’s worth remembering sipping coffee on a sunset and have that priceless smiles on your faces. Now, that’s some happy ending.

Contemporarily, this concept is often make took very mistakenly and that’s how negative images of it have started to spread. As a result, the other consequences rise. Kids and parents have conflicts over it, current relationship with family and friends get spoilt and so on. Finally, we rest our positive thoughts over it and change it’s definition as told before. What’s the point of all this? Its you who have got it messed up buddy, not anything else.


Parents and friends play a huge part for a kid to understand what we are talking about. It’s always the situations that moulds the way we think and experiences that check what we’ve thought, but this aspect what we’re talking about, is not containable either with situations or in experiences or both of it put together.

On it’s conclusion, it’s very painful to see how a sacred thing like this, is happening to cause so much problems just through the way how we misunderstand it. Not every aspect we know is powerful enough to change realities. Give love it’s freedom and take part in the honour to see it’s miracles. It might seem exaggerated, but yes, Love makes it’s worth visible to those people who it thinks they’re worth seeing. Read it again.

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Sathvik N

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