How to Get Higher Marks in Maths

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How to Get Higher Marks in Mathematics

How do you get higher marks in math? First, you should know why you don’t get higher marks in this subject. If you acquaint yourself with following points, I assure you that will improve your performance in mathematics.

1.      By heart tables (at least till 20) for accuracy and fast calculation.
2.      Check questions carefully: Many times we read questions wrong.
3.      Check your method or formula.
4.      Check calculations.
5.      Write answers carefully: Most of the time we solve sums correctly, but while writing answers we write them wrong.
6.      Check units and final answer carefully.
7.      Don’t read too much on the day before the exam.
8.      Practice sums regularly: If you want 100 percent marks in math, you should solve 5-10 sums every day. This homework or self-study is not for your teachers or your parents – but it is for your own betterment.

Students should not procrastinate in their studies. They are only responsible for their failure or lower marks. We should not spend too much time searching for reasons why we did not get 100% marks, but we should find ways to improve our performance. Don’t spend more time on social media. If you have facilities, utilize them to improve your academic performance.

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