How hostels play a major role in children’s life?

The answer you get asking the best thing in their life for a hosteller and a non-hosteller would definitely do not align. The reason is, one can not adore something as their life’s best thing without even knowing it. A hostel is such a home where you can be the actual you. It’s very sad to know that both, parents and children, consider being in the hostel as a punishment. These places are the most friendly home vibes one can ever receive. With this being said, let’s make this article rather friendly.

Hostellers can relate this, when you’re on the way to your hostels after a vacation, and you see it from a distance. Those butterflies in your stomach in the moment say it all. It’s a mixed chain of feelings there. How will all my friends be, what do each one has got to share, I get to call those nicknames again, I’ll be back again to that peaceful era, how do I look, have I got fatter, am I the only one got fatter, will she be coming today and hundreds of lovely feelings.


Let me simplify how it feels to live in here. Imagine being with your best buddies and enjoying all day. All those incomparable fun, relaxation, peace of mind, sense of belonging, attachments, old-school teasing ways, and all that happiness, right? We all experience these while we hang out with our best chums. Now the life we are talking about is nothing but living this kind of hanging-out-day for every single day for years. What’s lovely is we do not get tired of all these at all.

Hostels may not be the best thing for rich kids, neither I can say its always the best for every student. But what’s definite is, this is the best place to train us for life’s worst. It teaches life’s very necessary aspect. Adaptability to the change. This place naturally provides us the opportunity to face few challenges, which on a broader sense, reflects life’s actual challenges. No different from our lives, we never know what’s in our way in here too.

Water shortage, power cuts, hurrying up in the last moments, punishments, food shortages, water blockage, heavy rains, and some of the actual daily life challenges can add up to the list. All these challenges would have been a usual daily life in our dormitories. We can see that people from the hostels are the ones who do not usually tend to freak out. The reason, those challenges are nowhere near to new for them.

Now let’s talk about the aspect that has made hostels very famous. Discipline. Parents of hosteller kids can clearly witness the transformation of their children before and after hostelling. Parents would definitely be happy about it. What we’re talking about is a special place that moulds every student onto a good character. It provides the necessary environment, tools, guidance, and space to build a noble lifestyle, which in the long run, blends in throughout our lives. That joy on the parents’ faces when their kids start doing works by themselves is priceless. In this way, the parent-children bond gets even stronger.


However, hostels replicate the actual life but in a smaller scale. A major difference between these two worlds is that, in here, our fellow people will be our friends. We solve any bigger amount of problems by surrendering to the bond, which acts as the solution. Among all the major things hostellers learn, unity stays atop.

Hostels usually tend to have a tight schedule. This is because in these homes, students try and are driven to unleash their full potential in aspects of creativity, innovation, academics, sports, entertainment, and social services. This place brings a different version of ourselves. We will not be focusing on the problem but we consider the problem and sensitively focus on finding a solution for it. Thus, it’s no lesser than any actual lives.

As all these being discussed, its time we see what it takes to live in these homes. For any kid, the first day I here would be of lot of tears. Day 2, they start getting to know the place. Next, they make new friends, and finally, they begin to live together. Some kids leave back missing their home and parents, but once they grow up to understand things, you hear them saying, “God, I shouldn’t have left that day”. From the first day, this place starts teaching us. It’s okay to miss what we love, would be our first lesson.

Dear readers, I’d love to affirm for you all. If you haven’t been to a hostel, you should. At least for a couple of years. One will feel their own life is being presented to them, but this time, it’s happier. Why would anybody want to miss a lovely lifetime experience? When given the chance to choose a hostel, please do not back off from it. You have no idea what you’re going to miss.

In your own room, there’ll be an IAS officer, a pilot, a scientist, a financial broker, a surgeon, a modern farmer, a renowned blogger, a successful entrepreneur and what not. Imagine the gathering of you and your friends being in all these professions. It’s indeed a great pride to take part in our own friend’s success story being his roommate! One thing every hosteller can agree is the satisfaction of being in hostels is impossible to express. Its beyond words. Any hosteller would agree on this.


“Hostels will receive you in the same way even after decades.” There are only 2 such homes alike. The one you’ve built and the one which built you. Adiós amigos. Let’s meet another day, with another topic, with another perspective, for another moment.

Sathvik N

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