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This article is about ‘How to Teach Slow Learners’

How to Teach slow learners

If you are a teacher and your class has few slow learners, then this article will guide you as to how to teach slow learners.

First of all, you should know the term “Slow Learner”. Slow learners are those pupils who learn at a slow pace.

Classes are full of students with differing potential and abilities; it is not possible to teach them all at the same pace.

I would like to recommend that you conduct a short test in the beginning of school sessions. When school re-opens for new academic year, we should conduct a small test, without informing the purpose to parents and pupils.

For this, we need to create papers to discover the pupils’ basic knowledge. For different subjects, different tests are necessary; for math, there are basic skills, and language requires other skills. In a nutshell, different subjects require different basic skills.

Once we have produced the exam, we need to check it carefully; we should confirm that it achieves our aim.

After taking the test, we can analyze our students’ basic knowledge.

Now, we have the clear picture of our pupils, and the time comes for their instruction. As we teachers always run short of time, what we can do for them is to teach either in separate groups, or conduct separate learning sessions. We teachers can divide work among ourselves for teaching slow learners.

We can call their parents and make them aware of what their children are lacking. We can conduct separate counseling sessions for those parents.

Another option is to teach them with the other children, utilizing due care. Since we know which students are grasping slowly, we can move around in the classroom and guide them separately. Sometimes, we can have them sit with other, more proficient students. In this way, the slow learner will not feel isolated and they can learn together with other children, and teachers’ time and effort will be preserved.

Teachers should always take care not to discourage their students. The teacher will always encourage slow learners, and observe whether they have taken notes.

Teachers should never address pupils as slow learners, because our goal is to bring them to the level of average students, not to discourage them.

As teachers, we must find their strength, where they can achieve satisfaction. Because we know a child is poor in math, he/she may be great in languages or sports. Organize different activities for slow learners and give them an opportunity to participate. Let them show their talents. This will create love for school in their minds.

I can truly say that we feel happier after teaching such children. Never forget, many scientists, artists, and athletes were slow learners in their school life; that is the reason why today, we offer more than one grade to all subjects. This formative evaluation gives justice to pupils of different categories; equal importance is allocated to all subjects, like arts, sports, music, math, science, social science, etc .

Teachers should have patients to teach them. Teachers should have patients to see how they learn, they should wait for children’s response. They have to be mentally ready to teach them again and again. They should consider such children as their own. They should not discourage them by discouraging words.

They should remain inspiring them, their inspiration will give strength to them to fight with their difficulties. When they do mistakes, find out why they are not able to understand the concepts, go to their level, teach right from basics. Here teachers’ dedication and patients are required.

How to Motivate Slow Learners

Motivation has great effects on learning. All tough things can be done easily by motivation. You can motivate kids by using motivating words, like, “Wow, great., “, Nice, Well done “, …” You are talented …”. It’s an art of teacher, how to maintain a positive and inspiring atmosphere.

We can also motivate our students by clapping or by announcing the most promising student of the day, writing his or her name on the screen or on the board. Smile, smile. How much you can smile, please smile because it keeps the atmosphere stress-free. Always find ways, how you can inspire the kids. Suppose, a student has got 1 mark out of 10, then you should say,” I am not seeing which nine are wrong but, I am happy for that one, you have done right. “. Tell motivational stories, show clippings to inspire them. Treat, every kid as your own kid.

Strategies for Slow Learners

The strategies for slow learners are as below :

  1. Find the basic skills if they know or not.
  2. They find the cause of it because sometimes it can be some medical or psychological disorder then, you need to be more careful while informing parents. There are many solutions available, so in all situations, we need to be optimistic.
  3. A teacher should adopt a holistic approach to teaching
  4. Activity-based education, learning by doing
  5. Separate study materials can be created as per the specific need of the kids.
  6. Be easily accessible to the students, I mean, they should feel free to reach teacher for their doubts or confusions

How to Teach Slow Learners Read

  1. Do research work for this, you will be able to find out, how to teach reading to them. Syllables, Phonetics, Word formation, etc.
  2. There are different games, with the help of that they can learn reading while playing it .

3. Take advice from experienced teachers and follow them.

4. Whenever they read even a single word, correct, please clap for them. Because this inspiration will help them to learn better, and they will fall in love of learning.

5. Same trick or technique cannot be applied to every other kid, because every individual is different in nature (Principle of Individual Difference) so the solution is that find a method, especially for that kid.

How To Teach Slow Learners Maths

  1. First, we should make them accept why they are learning Maths. This is the law of Use that if they find it useful in day-to-day life, they will learn readily with interest.
  2. Conduct activity and use materials available around you. Maths is everywhere, to learn it we don’t need to buy teaching aids, objects of different shapes are available around you. Entire human life and entire sciences are founded on maths. We need to realize it . Make students feel that entire universe follows the pattern of Maths .

3. Teach them to imagine and let them express in their own words , accept their ideas , notice them ,they will feel honoured and they will learn more .

4. Conduct mathematical games, holistic method of teaching should be used.

5. Teach them as per their pace, don’t rush to complete the syllabus.

6. Teach same thing again and again not on the same day : This is my own experience that we repeat same unit or topic on other day then the graph learning rises up. I mean, students learn more. There is a science behind it , that when we learn anything new, we grasp less but next day, when we try to learn again, we understand better, because some neurons are formed are in our brain and our subconscious brain start working on new concepts, so when we repeat same concepts later on, our ability to grasp has been already enhanced.

How To Overcome Slow Learning

Set some goals and decide some criteria on how to teach slow learners to achieve them, then you will see the progress of your own work.

Decide the learning outcomes for such students separately: On a separate paper, write goals for every student and track it, for example: In June moth, _____ (student’s name) was able to read two-letter words. In July, he was able to read three-letter words, In August (Current month ): He should be able to fluently or (four letters words).

In the same we can create, learning outcomes register for other subjects also.

Assignment for Slow Learners

We should create separate ,new assignment for such students , as per their level of understanding and capabilities .

While conducting assignment activity for them, never let them know that they are more behind than others. We should inform like this , ” You are ____________(any adjective) , so this activity for you . ” We need to inspire them and should take due care, not to make the child develop any inferiority complex.

Remedial Teaching for Slow Learners PPT

Yes, when you are preparing PPT, you should remember all types of students available in your class. Slides should have contents, easy to understand and grasp. If you are preparing PPT for remedial teaching, then try to include activity-based content. And the focus should be on quality not on quantity.

Teachers, don’t give up, keep trying, a day will come when all of your students will be able to cope up with new curriculums. Teach with a smile, remember a problem is not a problem if it has a solution. Accept challenges, enjoy your profession, shower love on them, they will love you and respect themselves from within.

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