Why Children don’t Study


Most of the time I feel, why won’t children study? This question I ask myself several time at least once per day. I got an idea to find out the reason for them not studying. I did the research on it and I got following conclusion:

How Parents are responsible for children’s less interest in study?

Parents failure to create the liking for school when they were very small.
They don’t know why they are coming to school.
Parents have no or less time to inquire what is going on in school.
Parents don’t respect teachers.
Parents feel that education is a parcel or any physical thing which they can purchase, they don’t understand the real value of education and teachers. To them ‘Education’ is a thing which they purchase by paying fees.
Poverty: When parents don’t pay fees on time, children may get mentally disturbed. 

Children don’t have proper study materials. They experience the poverty in their home , because of which they are distracted from their studies .

Some parents don’t have happy peaceful atmosphere at home ,  child get mentally disturbed .

How Teachers are responsible:

Teacher’s strict  behavior.
Teachers sometimes rush to complete the syllabus .
Teachers may fail to recognize  the students who are backward in studies.
Teachers may remain absent for a long time and the school cannot provide new teachers.
Sometimes teachers insult children which is wrong. So they dislike teachers and school .
Old boring method of teaching and less creative lessons.
If teachers are not paid well they may not be satisfied with their profession so they may be irritated while teaching, this effects the quality of teaching.
Sometimes creative teachers may be discouraged by their colleagues.
Teachers teach them in Arts, Physical Education and Work Experience Period, due to which children get discouraged towards school. Non-academic subjects should not be used for academic subjects.

How School (Principal) is responsible:

School principal may be very strict with teachers so teachers become strict with students.
School principal may not inspire creative and hardworking teachers.
Principal give more emphasis on maintaining records rather than living and practical effective teachings.
Principals may be failed to find and select, correct and perfect staff.
Principal may not encourage the teachers who are really interested in putting extra efforts for the betterment of the students.
Sometime principals don’t give freedom to teachers to teach in an innovative way.
Principal’s strict behavior with colleagues and students also discourage children to study.

How Society and Government is responsible

We are all an integral part of society and the government, whatever we are today is the result of society. Our surrounding where we live effects child’s education. It is exceptional cases where the surrounding of a child doesn’t effect a child’s education. Government should not change the syllabus very frequently. They should organize training or orientation programs to inspire and train the teachers. Government should not involve teachers in a non-teaching or clerical paper work. A teacher should have full freedom to teach in an innovative and creative way. A teacher should be able to enjoy her profession, then children will also take interest in learning and such teachers should be well paid .

The role of management in education:

For some management, school colleges are like money building machines. They change the school uniforms very frequently, or make it compulsory to purchase school materials from them, and all of this disturbs the child’s education.

Management should organize training programs for principals or heads of school, so that they can be efficient and productive. Management should organize seminars and workshops for their staffs. Management should pay their staffs well, so that they will work happily. As we know, when staffs are happy, this results in dedicated teamwork. Management should organize a discussion with parents, teachers, and ex-students to discuss the progress of their children.

Management should honor talented students, supportive parents, teachers, and principals.

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