How To Know Our Students


Before we plant a seed, we need to know the soils,where we are going to plant the seeds of good fortune of the #students,now there is a great question, ‘How to know our students’ truly saying it is important for each and every teacher to know the pupils to whom they are going to teach,it is important from both point of view,from teacher as well as from students point of view as from teacher’s point of view.

Let’s see why we need to know them or how knowing our students will help us deliver a perfect lesson:

  1. It helps  us  to plan our lesson
  2. We can come to know the level of their understanding
  3. All students may not have same family background
  4. They may be belonging to different community or economical status, knowing this will help us choosing examples for teaching.

Know each and every child’s hidden talents:

Each and every child is different,they have their own identity,their own interest or tastes, teach in such a way that each and every child should mingle with the teaching #learning atmosphere, he should find joy as well as knowledge,he should forget himself when lesson is in progress,he should be totally lost in the learning of lesson, he should feel that he has become a part of teaching –learning process ;in this way we teacher can identify just by doing their face reading. If we can deliver such an effective and live lesson then really we are an effective teacher.

The way students ask questions will help us to know their hidden talents. What they do in proxy periods,in free periods,how they think and their approach to solve a question help us to know them.

#Nature itself is a great teaching aid:

The nature is full of learning you need to explore it for your teaching.Plants,birds animals ,mountains,rivers,valleys ,soils,stones each and every particle in the universe is a teaching for one or other subject,just you need to see towards them with an eye of a great philosopher,observer.

#Children like to play in soil,they like play with stones,they like to throw water on each other,do you know why because they are very close to nature ,they don’t care if their cloths will get dirt or get wait with water,they don’t bother if they get hurt or they may hurt others,this is only their original behavior .We should not try to change them because every thing in the universe has tendency to resist change,as it well explained by #Sir Issac Newton also.Even Newton also learnt the ‘laws of Gravitation’ in the lap of Nature,that is the reason in our country India , we had Gurukul System ,in which pupils were supposed to study in forests under the guidance of their gurus.

So I would like to tell that teachers can take children to the garden or playgrounds while teaching science when topic is relevant to the surrounding,some time ask them to see the birds in the sky,or pluck fruits or flowers from garden,if you want to know them ,then become a child like them.They will share many things with you as they share with their friends,and this is a fact that a friend can teach better than a teacher,so be like their friends.Sometime play with them,eat food with them ,then see some magic will happen.

Sunil Kushwaha

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