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Importance of Time: 5 Ways to Master it


Importance of Time : Knowing is not important

Knowing is not important, applying is important. I mean how much knowledge we have, is useless, if we don’t know ‘How to apply it?”.

May be any person, of any caste, religion or community or country, what makes difference, is how they use time?

Poor can become rich, low grade students can become toppers if they utilise their time appropriately.

There were many superstars in the past and they were replaced by new stars. We need to update and modify ourselves every now and then.

Even nature updates itself, every second. This is Importance of Time, whoever has understood it; today they are on the top.

If we talk about nature, then we see, how it is updating itself every now and then, every stone, every particle in the universe is changing rapidly.

No one can resist the change. Change is life. It’s a symbol of life.

If you want to change, you must understand the importance of time.  Or else, we become outdated.

Every day we get new package

Every day we get new package, that package is of 24 hours.  Knowing the importance of time, use it economically, as a commodity. If you understand the importance of Time , then while spending it , you will feel as you are spending coins .

What is the importance of milliseconds; ask to that athlete, who missed his gold medal just for few seconds.

That student understand the importance of one year , who failed in his exam , understand his feelings , when he sees his classmates goes to next grade and he remains in the same class with his juniors .

The better use of time will bring better time for you

So, use time appropriately and economically. ‘Importance of time’ is expressed in many proverbs like: ‘Time and tide wait for no one’, ‘Time is money’ etc.

The time gone will never come again, so never spend time in regretting or feeling sad but try to use it to develop you.

To make you better. The better use of time will bring better time for you.

1. Keep one mini diary and one pencil with you

Keep some reading writing materials with you?  Always carry one diary with you. Most of the time, we get some ideas suddenly, and if you know the importance of time then, in such cases, if you have any diary, you will record it immediately.

This will save time and make you progress better.

2. Talk less and use gestures to express

Importance of time

If you talk less, not only people will give importance but, they will feel you are more knowledgeable, and when you will speak, they will listen you carefully and give more importance to you.

By following this step, you save your energy as well as time.

3. Schedule your activities well in advance

Plan your next day activities well in advance. Do some planning, this will indicates that you know the importance of time . Plan your activities, meetings, so that you can get best value of your time.

4. Rest is not Wastage of Time

Rest is a vital factor, to have productivity in your activities. The quality work, we can produce only when, when we are 100%.

I mean, we should be conscious what we are doing and how we are doing, for this we need concentration, concentration will develop if have proper rest.

Rest doesn’t mean sleep; rest can be in any form.  It can be a change of activity. So, the importance of time includes rest also. So, in order to achieve maximum results, one should not ignore, ‘rest’

5. Use Social Media for Education and communication

Social media has become a source of knowledge; utilize it for your personal growth.  Sometimes, you get many links or videos or WebPages on social media, which are worth sharing.

But, you should not be addicted to it.

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