To inspire your kids

3 Questions: To Inspire Your Kids for Better Education


3 Questions to inspire your kids

The three questions to inspire your kids:

  1.  What did (or do) you learn?  Explain in your own words
  2. How it is useful in your daily activity?
  3.  What will you do so that you will master this skill (principle)?
To  inspire your kids

1.What did you learn?

As a parent, you should be a father or mother at home. You should have time to talk with your kids, you should not ask questions as, and you are taking their viva or oral exam.

There are different ways to ask them this same question.

You should be a friend to your kids, if you want to inspire your kids. Smile, and ask questions like what is 2+2=?

Means, instead of asking plain questions, you can ask questions related to that subject, to check, if she has understood or not.  Ask simple questions, if your child answers correct, means he (or she) has understood.

If your child answers wrong, this doesn’t mean, she has not understood at all. Sometimes , they need same explanations twice for better understanding .

2.How it is useful in your daily activity?

Education is not only for certification, it is to live a happy and successful life. To inspire your kids, you should ask ‘How it is useful in your daily activity?”. The education is useless if it cannot teach stress management and face real-life challenges. Success doesn’t come by getting degrees or certifications but skills to apply in daily life.

If you ask this question, kids will think and imagine where it will be useful. In this way, we prepare them for real life education.

3. What will you do to master it?

To be a skilled player, we need practice. Practice is the only key, we can master any activity.  We need continuous efforts and revisions.  To inspire your kids when you ask them, “What will you do to master it?”

You will be amazed at their (kids’) answers. To make someone think, we need to ask questions, so that they will intend to imagine.

Create situations to inspire them for thinking. Like when you go with them, ask them to purchase something and observe how they buy the things. This is what, how the skill will be developed.

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