Parents, be responsible. Are you aware of your duties?


Responsible parents are aware of their fundamental duties.


As parents, it’s our duty to guide our kids and nurture good manners and healthy study habits. But in today’s money-minded world, some people feel that their duties are over, just by admitted their kids into a good school or good coaching, but I want to remind that this is not sufficient, if you wish, your kid should become a successful happy person, then, spare time to talk with them.

Ask about their day to day activities, don’t compare your kid, with anyone. Because every kid wants their parents, should love them as they are.

I highly recommend that every parent should develop, healthy study habits. Try to fix a time for your kid’s study. At the primary stage, parents, the role is most important, this is the time when we can develop healthy regular study habits. If you see the history of all great people, we will notice that their childhood was well guided and well nurtured by parents.

It may be Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein or Newton or Ramanujan, they all were well nurtured by their parents when they were in primary education.

Feedback is important: Parents should always provide feedback to their kids because it inspires them. Negative feedback can be also conveyed through positive or in a constructive way.

Develop a Positive and happy atmosphere at home: There should be happy and enthusiastic atmosphere in home . Because it conducive for study .

Don’t develop a competitive attitude, but develop self-competition: Let the child enjoy a competition-free atmosphere, don’t create a fire of competition but create a fire for learning, if possible, then put efforts to develop a love for learning and keep giving them feedbacks for their every improvement.

Never criticize him or anyone: I believe in love because love will change a child permanently, love creates a peaceful atmosphere around us, but to be such loving person, we need patience, we need to give up criticism. Never criticize neither your kid’s teacher nor your kid, because it destroys the happy atmosphere of the society.

As a parent, we should focus on elementary education, which we can impart to students like tables, book readings, addition, subtraction, etc, some concepts like how plants can make food? What is light? How we can hear?

Develop their curiosity, let them question you. If they don’t question, then you question them, let them think, don’t answer immediately, yes they have Google, okay, let them search. One goal of education is to develop thinking ability. Their curiosity will only inspire them to learn more and the thirst for learning will be created.

Be available to your kids, to make them feel you belong to them

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