Importance of Handwriting

Study Methods

Handwriting is the structure that readers see before reading. Your thoughts or ideas are read afterward, the first attraction is created by your handwriting.

Handwriting is an asset to a personality. It’s like a tool to create an amazing impression . Handwriting attracts the viewers and then convert them into readers .

I mean , beauty attracts and quality sustains .

What ideas or thoughts are expressed in your handwritten article or composition is secondary, the first most important thing is to catch the attention of viewers that is done by clear and legible handwriting.

Handwriting is the body of your composition (hardware ) and thoughts or ideas are it’s soul .

A beautiful body without a beautiful soul is equal to a beautiful statue (an idol) .

I mean , good and legible handwriting should have good and beautiful , well organized thoughts or ideas .

In my next blog , I will discuss how to improve handwriting .

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