Teachers Were also Students !


Before we give any punishment to any child ,we should give them an opportunity to express themselves . Most of the time we start giving them punishment without listening their point of view . Some children don’t write , some children don’t read , some children cannot sit in one place quietly ,yes true just ask to yourself how you were at their age. This we all teachers know . We have studied child psychology . But our studies were only for getting degree , we cannot bring our teacher’s education  in to real class room teaching ,Why ?

We also studied just for exam . Some teachers are such that they cannot keep quiet even for a single minute but from children they expect pin drop of silence .

When some one give us punishment without listening us , how do we feel ? Same with students .

One day I found a student eating something . I called him  and said,”Open your mouth …” The boy afraid .  I told him ,” Please go out and spit , it is dangerous , don’t swallow ..” The boy obeyed me . He was eating paper pieces . I asked him ,” Have not eaten food in recess ?”

He said ,” Today , Mummy had given less food .”

There was a boy who was roaming in side the class , he told me,” Sir, I want black pen.”

Some children are very active , they play inside the classroom . Yes , it is harmful but we don’t send them to the playground in recess . Some schools have no playground . We don’t allow them to go out . Sometime they feel school is like jail , teachers as jailers .We should remember our childhood and consider them as innocent as we were .

Think them as your friend and if possible make them agree with your views , don’t force them to follow you . Let them think critically . Let them decide . Yes , this is their age give them a room for the ventilation of their mischievousness ! Enjoy and let them enjoy .

Most of the great scientists and philosophers were notorious in their childhood . If you read the autobiographies of great people you will come to know about their childhood and then you will realize there are many great people studying in your class .