The Pageant Happiness : DEEPAVALI: 3 Tales


Deepavali : pageant of lights

Hello! are you guys amazed why is Deepavali pageant of happiness when it pageant of lights . With the sunshine comes the hope , with the sunshine comes the happiness , with the comes the prosperity . Briefly its simply not mild however the reflection of happiness. so yeah each household wealthy or poor wholesome or sick will need to rejoice this pageant with plenty of hopes and desires and heat of their hearts .

Deepavali is widely known is Kartika masam ( Kartika month) . It lasts 5 days Naraka Chaturdashi (Chhoti Diwali), Lakshmi Puja (Badi Diwali), Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj. it is named pageant of lights as a result of the title Deepavali means Deepa means lamp Avaali means row in phrases it’s rows of lamps

On this auspicious day we do pooja for Hindu mythology gods like Lakshmi ,Durga , Vishnu ,Ganesa, Shiva. and light-weight up diva’s and burn crackers as it is usually a pageant of crackers . A variety of children and even adults present plenty of curiosity and folks from totally different religions present curiosity on celebrating the pageant however not solely in India . As many Indians are settled everywhere in the world and all of the areas obtained to know the essence why is it being celebrated and declare holidays on the Deepavali

However there are three totally different tales on why Deepavali is being celebrated :

Story 1:


It was mentioned that the demon Narkasura was probably the most evil demon and was torturing the folks of village and other people within the village are scared and went to lord Shree Krishna to hunt his assist and lord shree Krishna agrees to it and within the battle subject they are going to be having intense battle occurring Narkasura attacked Krishna and rendered him unconscious. Satyabhama being his spouse could not see her husband like that and can step into battle subject and can defeat the demon and rescue her husband .

Story 2:


As we all know in Ramayana . Rama kills Ravana and rescue his spouse website after the battle whereas they returning to their village Ayodhya . They’re welcomed with grand gestures and rows of lights folks everywhere in the area in India rejoice Lord Rama’s victory

Story 3:

Mahavir Jain

It’s mentioned that lord Vishnu despatched the demon king Bali to rule the nether world and even non Hindu neighborhood folks rejoice this pageant in Jainism marks the religious awakening or marks the nirvana of lord Mahavira. Sikhism, it honors the day that Guru Hargobind Ji, the Sixth Sikh Guru, was free of imprisonment.

Deepavali is Widely Known over 5 days

  • DAY ONE: Individuals clear their properties and their work locations to welcome success and pleasure in future . they purchase gold or utensils
  • DAY TWO: All of the folks will adorn their homes utilizing Rangoli and flowers and clay diva’s
  • DAY THREE: On the primary day of the pageant, households collect collectively for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi, and have sweets and burn the fireworks .
  • DAY FOUR: Buddies and family go to with items and finest needs for the season.
  • DAY FIVE: On this present day sisters goes their bothers house and have a joyful time

In every single place, Diwali conveys the religious “victory of sunshine over darkness, good over evil, and information over ignorance”. In accordance with one other in style perception, Diwali could have originated as a harvest pageant, marking the final harvest of the yr earlier than winter. In states corresponding to Gujarat and northern Hindu communities of India, Diwali signifies the beginning of a brand new yr.

There are numerous different causes additionally like king Vikramaditya was topped on Diwali. He’s characterised as a really perfect king recognized for his generosity, braveness and patronage of students. To rejoice Deepavali we do not want a cause it’s a strategy to say that it doesn’t matter what period or what time we’re on good at all times defeats the dangerous . So does our life will bloom and the lights will assist replicate positivity into our ideas and actions and pray of prosperity for everybody


Bhanu sree

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