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Feeling bored? Try these online activities and Feel Happy


Links for great online activities to enhance productivity

Online activities for students, parents, and teachers :

Time should be spent as commodities. If everything happens for a reason then yes, this thought one should always keep in brain that, nothing has appeared into your life to spoil you but to make you more creative.  You have now full freedom to work and study. But always remember, freedom doesn’t mean indiscipline.

Students who are feeling they have now more time, then yes, they should feel that the situation they have is to modify their skills and develop and progress.  Just find out what skill you want to develop, there are so many online activities you can do any time.

Few activities are as below:

  1. Learn and draw paintings
  2. Learn any new language
  3. Read books and review them
  4. After reading  3-4 books, you can go for writing your own books
  5. Find a genre, which loves most, I mean you should be passionate about it.
  6. There are many online works, you can do and earn, but they need passion and time, it’s not too easy to make money online without dedication, I mean you should have dedication and interest to work.
  7. Online Activities appear more comfortable as they don’t need your physical attendance to your works place. But if you are working from your home, then also you need self-discipline.

A schedule one should follow:

  1. Set a routine:  I mean you should set a routine like what time; you should get up, what time you should take breakfast when you will watch use social media….so on.
  2. Follow the routine: Whatever routine you have set, try to follow it. Sometimes, you may feel difficult or you may break the schedule, I recommend you, make a diary to keep a record of online activities.  Take it easy, it happens, but this doesn’t mean you will break it. You should be flexible and always be optimistic and make necessary changes whenever you need.
  3. In your routine, you should keep time for yourself: Time for physical exercise and meditation.
  4. Take time to talk with yourself: You should spare time to talk with yourself, stand up in front of the mirror, and talk with yourself. Talk about anything, ask questions to yourself and see the answers, some great feelings you will have. What you feel, if you feel great or progressive then, It will have a good impact on your online activities, because what we feel that feelings, reflects somewhere in our day-to-day life. Because our feelings create hope and a work atmosphere.  

16 Best learning online platforms where you can learn great are as well as play:


All the above links are for kids, where they can learn and enjoy, these all sites are safe for kids, so I can recommend with full confidence for online activities for kids.

Some websites which can be recommended for enhanced creative activities :

  1. Brain Pop: One of the most innovative and productive sources of learning for teachers and students for all academic and non-academic subjects like arts and music.
  2. Curiosity Stream
  3. Tynker
  4. Outschool
  5. Udemy
  6. iReady
  7. Beast Academy (Maths)
  8. Khan Academy
  9. Creative Bug

There are some good YouTube Channels:

  1. Crash Course Kids
  2. Science Channel
  3. SciShow Kids
  4. National Geographic Kids
  5. Free School
  6. Geography Focus
  7. TheBrainScoop
  8. Kids Learning Tube: This is for younger kids
  9. Geek Gurl Diaries : This is learning python Programming
  10. Mike Likes Science
  11. Science Max

Online learning or activities also need commitment. Without commitment nothing is possible. There are so many websites for online activities, in article online activities; I have tried providing you with some best sites.

One video on Importance of Time :

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