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Make a big difference with Your Homework by 7 Little changes


7 Little changes that’ll make a big difference with Your Homework

What is the main concept behind homework? Why home-work is needed?

Homework? What is the concept behind it? Do you ask your child every day about it? What is the reason for this? Because all are brought up in such atmosphere that we are used to working if someone asks for it. We have to create an atmosphere of self-study.

Who needs this and who doesn’t need it? Have you seen any time birds doing practice of flying?

There is so many website or industries flourishing due it.  Websites like photomath, answesr.com, photostudy.com, chegg.com are doing good business due to Homework.

What is homework?  It is basically some work given by a teacher to students, for their practice at home. But it doesn’t mean that only children do it, teachers, elders or any other professionals do it.

So, the concept behind it is that all people do some preparations for their next day or future work at home, that’s it. This preparation can be in the form of power point presentation or preparation of notes or practice of a speech.

Most of the parents have habit that they always enquire about homework to their kids every day.

The 7 Little changes we can do:

  1. Make your child study every day even when there is no home-work. : This will develop healthy study habits and because of this habit, he would achieve self-dependence and perfection. Self-dependence is one of the main objectives of education. If a child waits for some work given by the teacher, then it will not be a natural study. A real study is that which a child does on his own with interest happily, even when his teacher doesn’t give any homework, because then he could study infinitely with no boundary so, in this way he will soar high in the world of his field of study and real life.
  2. Ask your kids to check home-work himself: Most of the time I have noticed that children do the work as they are doing a favour on their teachers or parents, so they do anything, maybe any reason for this, sometimes teachers may not check their work so they feel,’ Who is going to check ?’, so children take advantage of this, but such homework is of less use.
  3. Develop a habit of self-study: Set a routine to do self-study, now day’s many apps are available, where students can set a reminder and for Home-work, and if they develop a habit of self-study then automatically their body and mind will become used to, and it’s rightly said, Habit is a 2nd  nature. Habits are not built in one day; we need to follow a pattern for at least 21 days or 40 days, with positive feelings.
  4. Create homework for yourself on your own: We should set some targets, yes targets for your new learning, I mean decide decidedly then implement your plan with 100% determination that yes I am going to learn __________ in __________ days. Home-work, you create for yourself, will be more appealing, more pleasing, and more goal-oriented.  Elon Musk has learned Rocket Science on his own, and there are many people having more knowledge but fewer degrees (formal education), because their work was the homework they have given to themselves.
  5. Reward yourself: Whenever you learn something great or outstanding, reward yourself, the reward doesn’t mean physical gifts, but it’s a mental satisfaction, stand up in front of the mirror talk to yourself, and say,’ Thank You’ to all who have helped directly or indirectly to complete your home-work. The feeling of gratitude will make you achieve greater and greater. Parents and teachers should appreciate the children for their milestones. Because the words of appreciation will make them continue their homework with more vigor and zeal.
  6. Let Children know ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’: Whatever activity we do, it must have some practical applications; I mean it should be productive and creative. The child should be made aware of its usefulness and then only he will take interest in completing work.  For example, why he should study history? Why letter writing is included in languages? This will make them do homework interestingly.
  7. Please don’t compare: Whenever any child completes his work, please never compare his work with others, yes, you can compare his work with his past homework. No one is exactly the same.

Let the child work at his own pace and with his own potential. Because all great works are created by those who were unique and didn’t copy others, otherwise the world will stop receiving great exemplary works. Some unique personalities with their unique works are Pablo Picasso’s Paintings; Walt Disney’s Disney Land, Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and Sea’, Rabindranath Tagore’s  ‘Gitanjali’ , Premchand’s ‘Godan’ and for a mother her child’s smile.

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Now one interesting question, ‘What is the difference between ‘Works from home’ and ‘homework’, please answer this question in the comment box.

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