Why Children Create disturbance

Why Children Create Disturbance in class ?


Why children create disturbance in class? Have ever you asked this question to yourself? Yes, if we ask this question ourselves, we get the answer. I  have also asked myself this question myself, I want to share with you ‘Why #children create #disturbance in Class ?’

Children have a very little span of attention, they cannot concentrate on one topic for a longer time. They get tired from the same boring activities as #teachers. Teachers do not use new methods of teachings. There should be newness in the way of teaching as well as materials for teaching.

For example, sometimes we should take them to the playground while teaching poems related to nature. Some mathematical concepts can be taught better on the playground. For history, we know different methods, but we don’t apply them to real teachings. Actually, #students expect new things from us, so we need to be more updated and sharp. If we teach them only textbooks, they find it less interesting. Teachers should be creative while teaching. Many times, we focus to complete only the syllabus. And we forget, #child psychology. When we should teach one topic, we teach them more topics, all these create discontentment among the students. So to release their stress, they do different activities.


If we can bring joy in our teaching , children will not create disturbance . I have seen first 10 to 15 minutes they keep quiet and then after they start talking . So we should deviate their attention from our topic a little bit and come back to original content without disturbing the students .

Teachers should not make students stand out of the class . It is not children’s failure to learn , but it is our failure that we cannot attract that child’s attention towards our teaching . #Parents are sending to us for #learning and now it is our duty to teach that child .

Teachers, bring newness to your method of teaching. Go to each and every child’s bench, look into their innocent eyes, talk to them, play with them. Try to know why they are behaving in such a different way. This we can do only when, when we have a love for each and every disturbing child. Just you love them, see in return they start obeying you and then like magic, disturbance in the class will disappear. May God bless every child of the world! Thank you!

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