What’s in an identity? An Intense Search Of Thyself

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What’s in an identity?

When asked about defining one’s identity what are the thoughts that come to your mind?
For most of us, our identity is associated with our designation which stands out as the main description, for instance – a lawyer, a doctor, a professor, a sociologist, and so on.

In my opinion, the term identity has a broader definition as it would define one’s personality, traits, and characteristics, on the other hand, identity could also mean what one thinks of himself/herself and the way he/she wants the world to view it.
One should not be ashamed or conceal their identity in any way, instead our identity is what makes us different and unique from the rest of the world.


Where do our values come from?

Values are not something a child attains during the span of a day. Values are something that is ingrained into a child right from the time he/she starts to attain growth. Our parents, relatives, guardian, and even teachers are the ones who pass on good values from one generation to the next.

When one reaches a level of maturity and growth and is sent out to face the world, these values pay off in the long run, for instance- small acts of kindness such as deeds of charity or being humble to our colleagues. As children, we are all taught to be respectful, kind, obedient towards everyone, but as one reaches the stage of a teen, we would rebel against our family and the values they instilled in us.

Negative impact of the media

Today the media plays an important role in each of our lives. The effects of media can be either good or bad. Most of the teenagers of today are negatively influenced by the use of social media platforms.

The content which we indulge in while surfing various social media platforms is said to impact our life. If we indulge in online gossips, condemning social media influences, disturbing news, and so on, such content will definitely have a negative impact on our mind and health as it would create feelings of hate, jealously, and competition. However, the influence of social media platforms has it pros and cons, it is we who decide which content to absorb, so as to make our lives more meaningful.

Teen insecurities

Body perfection is another major aspect that influences most of us. Every day we are influenced by a whole new bunch of influencers across the social media platform. Do we ever realize that the portraits we see across the internet undergo a whole process of editing and filtering? Most of us want to attain the so-called “perfect” body and skin, but it is necessary to realize that we are all born with flaws and one should learn to embrace it as a part of our identity.

At the end, it is necessary to silence the outer noise in order to lead a happy and healthy life. Nothing defines perfection, it is our mind and society which imposes its thoughts upon us.

Accepting people for who they are!

It is necessary that we should be more accepting towards people of all shapes and sizes, instead of mocking at them. All we need to realize is that nothing defines perfection, every individual is perfect in his/her own way. Most of the time is it society’s opinions and how they perceive an individual which plays on the young minds. Instead of spreading hate, envy, and judgment, let’s leave the negativity behind and love and support all human beings for who they are, irrespective of their backgrounds.

The real Identity of oneself?

Don’t ask others who are you? Stand up in front of the mirror and ask yourself, look into your own eyes and then ask, are you that person, what you appear to others? Are you honest and sincere in the real sense? Are you a man of a character? The world doesn’t want only rich people, the world wants a man of value who is a philanthropist like Mother Teresa.

The world wants, today, a religious teacher like Swami Vivekananda, who taught the world, that all religions are equal and service to humans is service to God.

Are you a man of sensitivity? Do you love others as you love your own family members? If answers to all these questions, you can give to yourself, looking into your own eyes, then yes, you are a great human.

Be rich, but not only in material but in values also. First create your own identity in your own eyes, then in the eyes of the world.


Do we ever realize that our primary identification is our basic values? Our designation may however get us our dream job, but it is necessary to hold strong to our family’s teachings and the ethics which have played an important role in helping us climb the ladder of excellence by making us better human beings.


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