Habits that make anyone great

Mind ,Body,Soul

in this world what we are today, is the result of our habits. All great people had great habits, so today, they are different from the rest of the world. If we read the autobiography of all great achievers then we come to know that they were not different from us, but they all had different habits. In the universe everyone has the same amount of time everyday, every day we all get 24 hours what makes difference is how we utilize that 24 hours in our day to day life, this is a like a recharge of a mobile, like a net pack or a data pack after that, different people use it for different purposes one may use it for Facebook, one may use it for Whatsapp, one may use it for playing game online or one may use it for learning,or one may use it for studying or one may use it for learning a skill or one may use it for conducting online webinars , meeting so in this way this, how it makes that how different people use the same amount of net pack .The concept is very clear how we use our time depends on our attitude and our way of thinking . What we think for our goal ,how much it is important for us everyday ,we should have some dream ,our goal , our purpose should be always in front of our eyes. Because it boosts energy in us , it fuels stamina in us . It motivates us to do something great .

We should divide our time into different blocks, I mean morning time some activity ,afternoon some other activity, during lunch time some other activity in the evening different activity ,at night before sleep some activity and your entire day’s activity should be divided into different blocks , in this way you can manage your time properly, we have never seen a great artist creating mind blowing Masterpiece without any great efforts , Efforts are required to achieve great things for example when you get up in the morning, you should have some plan for that particular day, its a good habit to decide next day schedule before going to bed.

Another great habit , all successful people had ,Visualising their Dreams .’ I mean that if you want to create a palace ,the palace will not be created in one day but you will divide its structure into different small modules , in same way, if you have a very big task , if you have a very big dream, if you have a very big Goalthaen divide them into several small sections , everyday put efforts in the direction of your goal. Every day put efforts to achieve one part of it and then in years ,it will be a great achievement and you will become a role model for all other students .You must have seen that how a normal person become a celebrity . Because people laugh on them when a beggar dreams to be a king , then anyone can laugh ,yes but what makes that beggar , different from other beggars is that he has a dream and that dream inspire him to go to ahead and he never stops, every moment he keeps thinking about his goal, about his dream ,and at the last ,that on whom the world laughed some time, becomes a mad for his goal, he ignored the people who say “No” . So one more habit highly successful people have is that they don’t pay attention to the negative people .They are totally focused towards their goal ,towards their dream , they know very well what action they have to take in the next moment , I mean they utilise their 24 hours very sincerely for receiving their target while eating food ,while drinking tea, while walking on the street or even before going to bed , they always remember their goal , daydreams , they always visualise how they will look after achieving their goals, they have good imagination , they imagine how will they look , how will be the future house, how will be the car, they will own after some years or some days ,they imagine the people around him after achieving that success, so in this way they imagine ‘entire future’ , ‘entire scene ‘ of the future in the and according to Law of Attraction they attract all positive people ,all good people and all good situation because they focus on what they want , by mistake also they never dream what they don’t want and they believe that they can do what they want and one very good habit ,they have is that they listen to their subconscious mind, in this way they utilise the power of conscious and subconscious brain, subconscious brain has good connectivity with conscious brain they do what they should do , when they should do ,weather they wish or not . I mean such people are totally disciplined people they are always ready to pay the price for the success for their dream this price can be in the form of sleeplessness or in the form of some sacrifice or it may be in any other form , they are workaholic people . They know very well ‘Hardwork beats Talents .’