failure and success

2 Failures are the stepping stones to success

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Most people are afraid to take a step forward as they fear failure. A person’s failure is considered his/ her best teacher as it teaches one to learn from their mistake and make amendments wherever necessary. This is not shameful to be faced with failure at some point of time in our life as long as we take a departing lesson from it. Thomas Edison, an inspiring role model of the modern era once said that “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. This level of positivity can be very hard to attain, however it is not impossible but with mere sincerity and dedication it is possible to gain anything that one wishes and desires for!

Let bygones be bygones! A person’s past mistakes shouldn’t hold him back from aspiring for a bright future. If someone is caught by the clutches of their past mistakes, this can cause a major growth hindrance. No matter how many times a person falls short of that one mark, he/she should try harder than ever as success is always closer than one can imagine. It is rightly said that our past mistakes are considered the foundation stone to a bright future.

failure and success
failure and success

Each time we make a mistake we understand more about how we can get it to the right track. Every failure and disappointment are sowing the seeds of success. The two main keys are a positive mind and a commitment to achieve one’s dream and goal.

The past should be treated as a learning opportunity and should be left in the past with an experience to carry a lifetime. Sometimes

The stepping stones to success may feel heavy and discouraging, but little do we realize that the negative and positive aspects of this journey has brought us closer to our achievement.

One of the most prominent example is the famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who once tried to get a job in All India Radio but was rejected due to his voice, even after getting rejected he never lost hopes but tried till he was successful. Today as we all know he is once of the most well known actor in the Bollywood industry

When we look down at our struggle for independence, we realize that it was not achieved at the first attempt, rather it required thousands of attempts by millions of people, so much so to the extent that they had to give up their lives in the attempt of struggling for our freedom. Such martyrs who gave up their life for the country did not fail but rather stood for the right cause.

Mahatma Gandhi, played an important role in our struggle for freedom, in spite of being thrown out of the compartment in south Africa, to fasting to death, he underwent many challenges, but he never gave up at my stage and stood firm with a strong will power as he fought the British rule inorder that we stay at peace and without violence.

Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary fell many times under the weight of the cross but he never gave up and stood up even stronger than before, his main motto was to die for the well being of his people and he tried hard till he succeeded on his journey to Calvary.

failure and success
failure and success


It is a natural phenomenon for man to be discouraged by failure and give up on a certain task. Some give up easily while on the other hand those with a high determination succeed in achieving their goal.

A person is faced with a lot of challenges and hardships in his or her journey of life. The most important thing here is to never give up after a fall and confront the task with determination and a strong will power. The most shameful act would be giving up after a fall when we have been given the courage to face situations.

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