How Geniuses Study

How Geniuses Study-1 Unique Quality


Let’s see how geniuses study?

Geniuses study less, but with more concentration. They are always inspired. They are always confident in themselves. They always find opportunities in adversity. They respond creatively to adverse situations. They keep learning and trying despite failure. No one can discourage them.

They are people with firm determination. They don’t wait for favorable situations; instead, they try to change any situation into a favorable one.

They actively use their left and right brains. They use their brains creatively. They love both art and science.

They live with understanding. They correlate their studies with their day-to-day lives.

They have imaginations. Geniuses never follow the footsteps of others; they leave their own marks wherever they go. They have confidence in their own methods. They are humble and polite, seeking to learn from everyone, everywhere, at any time.

They are flexible about change; they adjust themselves to new circumstances without excuses. They feel that everything is part of their studies, their education. Geniuses always regard nature as their friend. They learn from trees, mountains, rivers.

Geniuses are always thirsty to learn.

One thing , we noticed in all geniuses is that they are highly self-motivated , they don’t need any push up from any one . This is what how geniuses study , I mean they are self-driven towards their studies or activity .

When the world give up , they still keep trying with same vigour and enthusiasm . They have habit that they could smile inspite of all their pains , because of their this great pleasing habit , they have ability to convert any serious situations into a pleasant one .

Geniuses study , not in different things but , same things or content differently . They don’t copy others , but make others to copy them .

Geniuses , don’t answer to each and every one , they know very well , what ignore and what to heed .

They are goal oriented and highly focused towards their work.

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