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1 Question for Success Of Your School Going Kids?


Today’s school going kids will become tomorrow’s global citizens.

If you have school-going kids in your home, then this article will help you, what care you should take for the success of your kids.

Why do we go to school?

Have ever you asked yourself, “Why do we go to school?” First, write any 10 reasons why we go to school. The first five reasons you can figure out easily but the next five will be difficult. They can be anything, like knowledge, sports, painting, music, drawing, crafts, etc.

Then you should ask the questions, “Why is school compulsory?” “Can you learn all these things at home by some other means?”

I’ll tell you why school is necessary.

All school going kids, must know why they should go to school

School is a platform for learning all these things in an integrated way. In school, all subjects – academic and non-academic – are taught together. The curriculum aims to develop the personality. At school, you are taught not only how to study but how to sing, play, write and jump. We go to school for physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual development. We are taught to take part in all activities.

School going kids are taught that winning is not important, participation is important. I should not that while winning is not important, trying to win is very important. The feeling we experience after losing or winning is important. All these experiences lay the foundation of our future.

In school, we learn not only from books but from our classmates’ behavior…their good manners, their knowledge. We learn from our teachers’ lives, also…the way they tackle a situation, the way they speak.

School going kids learn on the ground, within the four walls of the classroom, at picnics, at workshops, in the library, in the science lab…

School provides many sources of learning.

So, we go to school. You should always ask yourself a question: “Why do I go to school?” This will always keep you on the right track.

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