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Create Mind Maps For Better Learning -3 Simple Steps

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What Are Mind Maps?

Mind maps are pictorial(picures) representations of data.

To know precisely what’s a Mind map , see the next thoughts map :

Mind maps

This reminiscence map(Thoughts Map) is about mechanical vitality and its sort. On the centre fundamental key phrase is written ‘Vitality’ and it components, items are proven in each system C.G.S and M.Okay.S(S.I ) .

See the next thoughts map :

Mind maps

Now see following Thoughts Map :

 mind maps
Picture credit score to Wikipedia

Above Mind map is about Tennis sport. It has photos. There’s use of colors. Key phrases are on the centres.

Benefits of Thoughts Maps:

  1. It saves our time to revise as a result of it doesn’t use ineffective phrases like conjunctions, prepositions and so on. It has key factors. So it offers extra info in much less time.
  2. Since we use colours, photos so we use our mind left and proper.
  3. We are able to add any new info with out erasing previous ones.
  4. We are able to make it extra informative by drawing photos.
  5. It helps to recollect higher, therefore info will get transformed into long-term reminiscence.

3 Easy Steps to Mind Maps are :

  1. Key factors or central thought
  2. Different essential factors to help (associated to the central thought)
  3. Drawing the map of your concepts as defined beneath

Steps to creating Mind Maps

  1. Begin within the CENTRE of a clean web page turned sideways. Why? As a result of beginning within the centre offers your Mind freedom to unfold out in all instructions and to specific it extra freely and naturally.
  2. Use an IMAGE or PICTURE on your central thought. Why? As a result of a picture is price a thousand phrases and helps you utilize your Creativeness. A central picture is extra attention-grabbing, retains you centered, helps you focus, and offers your Mind extra of a buzz!
  3. Use COLOURS all through. Why? As a result of colours are as thrilling to your Mind as are photos. Color provides further vibrancy and life to your Thoughts Map, provides large vitality to your Artistic Pondering, and is enjoyable!
  4. CONNECT your MAIN BRANCHES to the central picture and join your second-and third-level branches to the primary and second ranges, and so on. Why? As a result of your Mind works by affiliation. It likes to hyperlink two (or three, or 4) issues collectively. If you happen to join the branches, you’ll perceive and bear in mind much more simply.
  5. Make your branches CURVED moderately than straight-lined. Why? As a result of having nothing however straight strains is boring to your Mind.
  6. Use ONE KEY WORD PER LINE. Why as a result of single key phrases give your Thoughts Map extra energy and adaptability.
  7. Use IMAGES all through. Why as a result of every picture, just like the central picture, can also be price a thousand phrases. So in case you have solely 10 photos in your Thoughts Map, it’s already the equal of 10,000 phrases of notes!
  8. Write quick as a result of your thoughts thinks sooner than you write.
  9. Whereas making a mind map don’t hassle about handwriting.
  10. Use capital letters to jot down key phrases.
  11. As you observe the talent of creating a mind map develops slowly and steadily. See the next thoughts map on ‘Time-Administration’

Mind maps usually are not solely helpful in research however they are often utilized within the discipline of labor. I imply in finance or whereas organizing any cultural actions too.

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