What makes toppers different form average pupils

What Makes Toppers Different From Average Pupils: 1 Big Difference

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What makes toppers different from average pupils ?

If an average student, understand this, he will also become successful like toppers.

Today, those who are toppers have the same type of body and the same type of blood as everyone else. They live on the same earth and have the same number of hours. Even those who are handicapped can excel through willpower.

Yes, willpower sets toppers apart from average students. Willpower has led many handicapped people to become world-renowned. Even the poorest of the poor have made history.

Toppers’ willpower makes them disciplined. They know that time is precious. Self-discipline is another great quality that toppers have and that average students don’t. Self-discipline and will-power inspire them to make sacrifices. Sacrifices are the cost of success, which they gladly pay. They study when others play. They work part time so they can pay their fees. They work for others’ pleasure so that they can study. Toppers make sacrifices happily, while average students stick to worldly pleasures.

Let’s see what makes toppers different from average pupils.

The qualities a topper has include:

  1. Will-power
  2. Self-discipline
  3. Willingness to make sacrifices
  4. Positive approach
  5. Hardworking nature
  6. Willingness to study in the morning
  7. Never make excuses
  8. Always active
  9. Courage; keep working even when failure is probable
  10. Willingness to help others; when helping others, they themselves learn
  11. Politeness
  12. Don’t waste time collecting materials; they start studying with what they have
  13. Learn from their mistake and don’t repeat them

While writing ‘What makes toppers different from average pupils, I have gone through my 23 years of teaching experience and I noticed that they have all above qualities.

One thing, I would like to inform that bringing high scores or getting good grades are okay , but along with formal education, a student should be educated for their real life challenges.

Toppers in academic subjects should be real-life heroes, so it’s the responsibility of every educator to educate the kids for real life.

Real-life education should make them well efficient and practical people. This is what makes toppers different from average pupils.

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