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Create Mind Maps For Better Learning -3 Simple Steps

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What Are Mind Maps?

Mind maps are pictorial(picures) representations of information.

To understand exactly what is a Mind map , see the following mind map :

Mind maps

This memory map(Mind Map) is about mechanical energy and its type. At the centre main key word is written ‘Energy’ and it formula, units are shown in both system C.G.S and M.K.S(S.I ) .

See the following mind map :

Mind maps

Now see following Mind Map :

 mind maps
Image credit to Wikipedia

Above mind map is about Tennis game. It has pictures. There is use of colours. Key words are at the centres.

Advantages of Mind Maps:

  1. It saves our time to revise because it doesn’t use useless words like conjunctions, prepositions etc. It has key points. So it gives more information in less time.
  2. Since we use colors, pictures so we use our brain left and right.
  3. We can add any new information without erasing old ones.
  4. We can make it more informative by drawing pictures.
  5. It helps to remember better, hence information gets converted into long-term memory.

3 Simple Steps to Mind Maps are :

  1. Key points or central idea
  2. Other important points to support (related to the central idea)
  3. Drawing the map of your ideas as explained below

Steps to making Mind Maps

  1. Start in the CENTRE of a blank page turned sideways. Why? Because starting in the centre gives your Brain freedom to spread out in all directions and to express it more freely and naturally.
  2. Use an IMAGE or PICTURE for your central idea. Why? Because an image is worth a thousand words and helps you use your Imagination. A central image is more interesting, keeps you focused, helps you concentrate, and gives your Brain more of a buzz!
  3. Use COLOURS throughout. Why? Because colors are as exciting to your Brain as are images. Colour adds extra vibrancy and life to your Mind Map, adds tremendous energy to your Creative Thinking, and is fun!
  4. CONNECT your MAIN BRANCHES to the central image and connect your second-and third-level branches to the first and second levels, etc. Why? Because your Brain works by association. It likes to link two (or three, or four) things together. If you connect the branches, you will understand and remember a lot more easily.
  5. Make your branches CURVED rather than straight-lined. Why? Because having nothing but straight lines is boring to your Brain.
  6. Use ONE KEY WORD PER LINE. Why because single keywords give your Mind Map more power and flexibility.
  7. Use IMAGES throughout. Why because each image, like the central image, is also worth a thousand words. So if you have only 10 images in your Mind Map, it’s already the equal of 10,000 words of notes!
  8. Write fast because your mind thinks faster than you write.
  9. While making a mind map don’t bother about handwriting.
  10. Use capital letters to write keywords.
  11. As you practice the skill of developing a mind map develops slowly and steadily. See the following mind map on ‘Time-Management’

Mind maps are not only useful in studies but they can be applied in the field of work. I mean in finance or while organizing any cultural activities too.

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