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Habits That Will Make You a Topper-19 Great Habits

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Great habits that will make you a topper in your fields

Toppers have 24 hours, just like all other students. What are the special things they do that cause them to stand out in the crowd? People who have lofty goals form different habits.

  1. Getting up early in the morning: The first habit common among all successful students is that they are self-motivated. They get up early in the morning. A child who gets up to study only after someone awakens him cannot become a topper.
  2. Self-discipline: Self-discipline means doing what you should do when you should do it and how you should do it. Toppers never wait for instructions. They do all their work, homework, and assignments with interest. They do all their work with dedication. Likewise, they always try to make a difference through every activity they do.
  3.  Put love into their activities.
  4.  Always keep their dreams in mind.
  5.  Write with good handwriting.
  6.  Learn from everyone, everywhere, at any possible time.
  7. Know the importance of their parents’ money (which their parents invested into their education).
  8. Never kill time watching T.V.
  9. Plan every day in advance.
  10. Be obedient: Obey all people who are concerned about your future prospects, be they your teachers, parents or friends.
  11. Make time for recreation or entertainment, but be ready to make sacrifices.
  12.  Never blame anyone for their failure.
  13. Give up the habit of procrastination.
  14. Keep learning, improving and developing their skills.
  15. Keep a small notebook in their pocket.
  16. Make proper use of modern technology.
  17. Listen to something motivational when they are feeling down.
  18. Write their goals on the walls of places where they spend the most time.
  19. When they feel like giving up, they remember their goal.

 They ask themselves why they set that goal. They remember those people who are less privileged and who are facing more problems than they are.

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