Exclusive Report – How unemployment affects our society! (13)

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INTRODUCTION (Exclusive Report – How unemployment affects our society!)

This article is prepared to focus on one of the most intense issues of today’s society, – “How unemployment affects our society!”.

I am sure that many of you, have tried to find the link between them. So today, you are just at the correct place!

Unemployment is a matter of profound concern. Every year countless people complete their graduation, master’s, etc degrees from different institutions. Some are reputed, and others are not so popular but are institutions for achieving a degree.

Students get admitted to the college by observing the college’s history to provide placement opportunities. But, do 100 out of 100 students in a class get placed in a reputed or even in a company related to their field of study? Of course, they don’t!

The companies only select workers who are suitable for their needs. This is very practical.

Likewise, in every institution, there remains a huge number of unplaced students. They are considered to be unemployed.

People who want to crack government examinations, wait for years for preparing themselves. They are also considered unemployed. When young people are unemployed for a long time, they lose hope of getting employment.

Recent research shows a tremendous rise in unemployment in the past two years especially due to the pandemic situation.

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As this graph shows, the rate of unemployment increases rapidly and to date, it is increasing. It was an existing problem which is growing to an intense level of tolerance.

Joblessness or Unemployment is an active cause of Crimes happening all over the world.

Job scarcity in our country causes poverty and this is a direct cause of various crimes like fraud, scams, etc.

Unemployed people have to feed their families too! As there is a lack of decent work, they tend to fall for the 3rd-grade traps. This includes various crimes like pickpockets, kidnapping, burglary, etc.

Unemployed youth in the age range of 24-34 are more prone to get diverted. As, they try to take various training but despite those, they fail to place themselves in a proper position or a position to their desire. They have families to feed, so they start getting diverted to gain assets and properties.

People involved in various criminal activities are 70% due to improper literacy rates. Causes of crimes can also be Poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, and alcohol and drug abuse. Some are at greater risk of becoming offenders because of the circumstances in which they are born. Though if they are provided with proper education, they can be in a place where they get the knowledge about which is breaking the law and which is not.

A crime requires not just the supply of a motivated offender but also a suitable target.

Criminal activities are not only witnessed directly but are now extended to online mode too. These activities include various types of cyber crimes, hacking, invading people’s personal space, fraud messaging, transaction fraud etc. In such activities, the criminals are purely jobless but have the quality or the education to fraud people. They mainly depend on these for their financial security.

People get attracted to these types of crimes analyse the various edges like if they are caught doing these malicious activities, they will be punished but on the other hand, if they do not get caught, they will have a fortune, properties, assets etc.

Illegal businesses are also a part of crimes like smuggling, drug peddling, etc.

Higher the unemployment, the higher the crime rates

This graph shows a detailed picture of how crimes are related to unemployment.

Higher unemployment can also be related to the growth of the population. There remains a lot of competition in the educational, job, industrial, etc. sectors. There are numerous sections in our country where education has still not been reached.

The condition our country is facing will increase day by day because there isn’t any proper solution to these. Even though our Government is providing educational institutions like schools, and colleges at a lower fee, many levels of society are still not participating in these and therefore remain unskilled.


Unemployment is a lack of utilization of resources and it eats up the production of the economy. It can be concluded that unemployment is inversely related to the productivity of the economy. Crime decreases as economic growth and opportunity improve. That’s because the incentive to engage in illegal activity decreases as legal avenues of earning income become more fruitful.

Therefore, our Government should provide more opportunities, especially in the job sectors to consummate unemployment. And as a result, the crime rates will also get decreased.


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