Visualization helps in studies

How Visualization Helps In Studies : 3 Ways

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Visualization helps in studies : It’s a fundamental truth

Visualization helps in studies as well as in day to day life .

Whenever we study any subject or content, our brain try to create its image in our brain.

We use our left and right brain for this.

Try to imagine and if possible feel that you are the hero in a history lesson or a character in a story.

Why we love to watch movies?

Why do we always pray that hero of the movies should be winner. Because we associate ourselves with the hero, and we have sympathy with such character, who have positive approach towards life. Such visualization helps in studies also.

While reading imagine the scene or activity. Science has proved that imagination and real activity are of mostly equal effects.


While studying maths, we should visualize the real life situations where a particular theorem or formula is applied.

We should have strong belief that whatever we are learning has its utility in our day to day life.

If you don’t know then you should ask to your teachers or your superiors or search on Google .

Because without knowing where, learnt people will be useful, you may find difficult to remember.

Visualization helps in studies but you should know how to utilize it.


While learning science, all students may not have all scientific equipments and schools may not have well equipped laboratory, but it is visualization and imagination, which make students to experience the same results.

Most of the great researches or inventions were the results of someone’s imaginations and visualizations.

So, I assert, apply this fact to learn science.


Same principle can be applied in learning Geography; all places across the world cannot be visited. Visualization helps in the studies of Geography too. Students could visualize the atmosphere and topography of those places, they can learn in better way. 

Students should visualize that they are in a particular country and they are dealing with people of those places. They are learning their languages. They are eating food of local people.

They are enjoying the culture and festivals of different places of the world.

In this way by visualization students can travel several places across the world in very short interval of time.


Can visualization helps to excel in sports and arts ?

Yes , how visualization helps in the studies , it is equally applicable in sports and arts (Music and Drawing ) .

Most of the successful players in the world, do visualization of their matches and success. They do imagination as they are making goals or hitting sixes or hitting wickets….. so on .

Great singers or artist could create masterpiece because of their imaginations and visualization. They feel the note of music.

Visualization helps in studies

Every word of music, is created from the bottom of their heart. Such feelings are transferred to the live audience and the world gets stunned by their performance.

Every stroke of a painter, adds beauty to the painting. A painter not only draws the strokes with pencil, but he puts his deep feelings in every stroke.

Visualization helps in studies of music.

The colours he uses to colour are not chemicals but the colour of his feelings or emotions.

Pablo Picasso, Leo-Nardo-da -Vinci are the great examples.

So , the 3 ways to master this skill is :




If you do this, you can master any subject, knowing is not important, applying it to daily life has crucial role in everyone’s life.

Hence Visualization helps in studies of all streams.

In real words , education is the manifestation of a child’s inner potentials to the external world .

Visualization helps in studies of everything, I mean every event of our daily life.

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