1. Why Is Setting Goals Important For Grand Success?

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Goals direct us, where to go?

Whenever we want to travel by train, bus or plane, we must purchase a ticket. We are asked where we want to go. This means we must know our destination. In the same way, life is also a journey; we must know our goal.

We do we go to school? Why do we take exams? Why are exams offered? We must decide why we are learning, and where we will apply this learning in our daily lives.

If we have to appear for an exam, why should we focus on passing it?

‘Focus’ is not a word; it is a behavior, a life which all people have lived, be they Stephen Hawking, J.K Rowling, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or Sachin Tendulkar. All these people focused on what they loved. So, I affirm that focus is the most important trait. LEARN TO LEARN; STUDY TO TOP THE EXAM, NOT TO PASS THE EXAM.

Set your goals. What grade do you want? Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall where you’ll see it most often. There, it will inspire you to learn.

Plan your schedule every day. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should see is your goal, your target.

Establish a fixed schedule for studying. Your routine should be disciplined. A self-disciplined routine will help you connect to your studies.

You must leave your comfort zone and make sacrifices to develop the mindset of a disciplined student.

Abandon the inertia of sleep and rest.

Make your study plans and schedule, and keep them flexible. Always be ready for changes; be adjustable.

If you write down a target, you subconscious brain will work on it and make it happen.

Goals can be of two types:

  1. Major (long-term)
  2. Minor (short-term)

Major goals are those that require more time to fulfill – for example, becoming a scientist, an actor, a singer, or a sportsperson.

To achieve major goals, you must divide them into short-term or minor goals. For example, becoming a doctor is a major goal. Before you become a doctor, you must qualify for a certification. Your studies in this area can be minor goals. To become a world-class doctor or sportsperson, you must do well in your studies or at smaller sporting events.

Advantages of having goals:

  1. It gives life direction.
  2. It affects your behavior.
  3. It inspires you to do better.
  4. It creates discipline.
  5. It keeps you fresh and motivated.
  6. It helps you focus on the right thing.
  7. It increases concentration.

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