Grammar Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps


When you are a student or an unprofessional writer you may do some grammatical mistakes which can lead to failure. Grammar is the substance of a paragraph. That’s why we say- “No good grammar, no good marks”


And we know everyone wants good marks so why wait anymore? Check out these amazing grammar hacks for students which will totally blow your mind! 

How to define Grammar?

It is a set of rules, to be followed in the written form of language, and these rules help us to communicate with the world. You can see in detail about Grammar here. Grammar follows the speech habit of highly educated people.

Does it change?

Yes , Grammar changes, as time changes. There are many words, or structures which were considered wrong for more than a decade ? But later on they were accepted.

I would like to give one example here :

  1. Example: Live, Reside and Stay all these three words are totally different, but they are used nowadays as substitutes for each other.
  2. Example: Just consider these two sentences: ” It is me.” or ” It is I ?”; ‘me’ and ‘I’ both are pronouns but,’ me ‘ is the object pronoun and ‘I’ is the subject pronoun.

To Master the Grammar in 3 simple easy steps :

  1. Punctuation Marks
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Structure

Punctuation Marks

  • Semicolons (;)-

Do you know where to use a semicolon? Yes of course they are used to combine two closely related sentences but do you know how? Well, check out this example now-

Sentence: My sister eats a lot; she has to go on a diet

  • Commas (,)-

We all know there are 400 rules of using a comma in English and comma is one of the reasons why students make a grammatical mistake a lot. Though comma corrects the grammatical sentence easily still we would recommend you to use comma only when you need to make a pause in between a sentence naturally and it reads well.

Understand from this example now-

Sentence: Friends reunion was very emotional, happy and inspiring for me. You should definitely go and watch it.

  • Punctuations (,) (!) (‘) (.) (?) (…)-

Punctuation can be used in different ways like when you live in the UK you have to use punctuation outside the quotation but if you follow the US dictionary make sure you use punctuation inside the quotation. Check out this example now-

Sentence: “Yeti says Alas!”

KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)-

One of the biggest grammar mistakes that everyone do is to impress the reader, they use complex words or sentences whose meaning the writer does not know very well. So remember to keep your paragraph short and simple as much as you can. More complex words lead to more reading and understanding problems. Understand from this example-


While framing sentences , try to make it simple and clear. No vague sentence or difficult to understand sentences should be used .

(Write) Police reported: A man was shot dead  (instead of) A man was shot dead reported sadly by a police constable.


Vocabulary is of two type : Active and Passive.

Active Vocabulary has the words, that we use every day, in our day to today work and passive vocabulary is that which has a collection of words, which we don’t use every day but occasionally.

How to enrich vocabulary ?

  1. You can enrich your vocabulary, just by reading something every day, and taking down new words from there. You should be well-disciplined. Maintain, one separate diary or notebook and every day learn at least two words.
  2. You should learn roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Roots are the words from which many new words are formed for example ego, egoist, egotist, egocentrics have the root word ‘ego’ (means ‘self). A suffix is a morpheme used to form new words, by adding it at the end of a word, for example, kindness (in this ‘ness’) is a suffix. A prefix is a word we add before a word for example disadvantage, unkind (here un-, dis- are prefixed.)
  3. Use newly learnt words every day, to make them be included.


Simple, Complex, Compound and Compound Complex.

A simple sentence has no conjunction, and it has no dependent clause. Simple sentences are used to express clear and transparent thought. Example: I am studying now.

A compound sentence has two or more than two sentences, and they are joined by a conjunction (like and, so). Example: He will go home and help his parents. A compound sentence consists of at least one independent and one dependent and one dependent clause. It consists of coordinating conjunction like and, so, but, etc. Examples

A Complex Sentence has clauses, one main clause, and one or more subordinate clauses. It consists of subordinating conjunctions such as ‘who’, ‘which, ‘where’, after, while, because, since, etc. Examples

Compound-Complex Sentence: It consists of multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. A compound-complex sentence has both co-ordinating as well as subordinating conjunctions. Examples.

Download and use a grammar checking app-

The reason behind using a grammar check app is that sometimes you may write very fast due to a shortage of time, in such a case you forget to mention some words or letters, or you do spelling mistakes.

Some good Grammar Apps you can find here

A good resource for Grammar

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