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3Health Tips for Teachers-Healthy Teachers Happy Learning


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Being an educational faculty or teacher is not an easy task. Everyone thinks teachers do not have much work to do. They have a shift of 6-7 hours a day and then they go back home with a weekend off. But we are sorry that’s not the truth. Being a teacher you don’t have to only work for 6-7 hours straight but a teacher has to teach while using the most appropriate technique of teaching, being active and kissing a lot of energy and effort.  

Every teacher has to maintain their healthy life because if he/she will not then the result may lead to headaches and fainting in front of your students. Therefore to maintain good health and balance your health with teaching work you have to follow some quick health tips for teachers mentioned below. These tips will help you stay energetic whole day even after coming back from the workplace.

Make a nutrition chart

Being a teacher, it’s very important to take care of your health, that’s why you need to focus on your nutrition chart of what you eat and at what time. Doing so will help you gain immunity. You can add fruits to your chart for more consumption of vitamin C. 

Being a teacher you have to specially take care of your eyes and legs because most of the task is done from these two part of your body so stay hydrated and follow your nutrition chart daily.

Get! Set! Exercise 

We know every teacher has to wake up early in the morning to reach school before students and we know controlling students indiscipline is another major task for teachers, therefore staying active is the primary goal because if the teacher is sleepy then who will teach and maintain decorum properly?

Therefore, to stay active whole day you need to do some daily exercises including beginners yoga which will not only help you stay active but will also help you stay calm. Take 30 minutes from your busy schedule and focus on your health for good.

Do self-care

Teaching takes a lot of energy and effort. Having one or two days off in a week is not enough. Having so many mentees under you, you have to take care of your health and do some self-care like sleep on time. Having 8 hours of sleep is mandatory and due to workload teachers can’t get one especially at the time of online classes in the Covid-19 pandemic where every teacher is facing problems in teaching and taking classes from morning till evening.

Make your sleep a priority and do not cheat with it. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule which will make your mind and health good. In the evening you can go for meditation for 10-15 minutes, doing so you can release all your tension and anger which you might have a whole day because of some unwanted circumstances.

Healthy teachers can create good impact in the minds of students, and even they remember you for not taking leaves . Just imagine, if a teacher always eats tablets and medicines in front of the students , can create good healthy and happy atmosphere inside the class . I mean , we should be always kept positive thoughts and healthy approach towards life, because what we think , same environment is created around us,so think good and keep your thoughts healthy.

So what are you waiting for? Following the top 3 tips for Teachers health now, will make any teacher improve her teaching skill. Remember if you are healthy only then you can become wealthy.

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