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Japan- Best summer break vacation for students, parents, and teachers


Japan- Best summer break vacation for students, parents, and teachers

Why Japan? Why not any other place? Being a student, parent, or teacher whenever you visit a place, you visit because of two reasons. First because of its beauty and second because you must learn something from that place like the history behind or about ritual and traction of that particular place.

As we know today’s students are becoming more fans of anime than Japan is the right place for you. Are you ready to know how Japan is the most relaxing vacation in summer break for students, parents, and teachers?
“The land of the rising sun” is not just a designation to a beautiful country, everything praiseworthy can be justified once you set your foot in Japan. The country that dives into the breakthrough of technological innovations and carries their 1000 years old believes with so much pride.

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1. Tokyo

The first city you visit most likely be Tokyo if you fly to Japan. From cosy ethnic bars to erotic shops, name it and you’ll find it. Akihabara is like Disneyland for nerds if you’re into anime stuff. The lights of this city can be hypnotic. Don’t miss the arcades here. Have you seen high-rise buildings from where you can have a birds-eye view of the city? Visit Tokyo tower to capture the moment.

2. Kyoto

After the tacky tinch of Tokyo, the countryside is where you should head next. The outlandish streets where you want to get lost, the arousing temples just want you to take all at once. Gion, Pontocho, Nishiki market are a number of the foremost popular places here. Have you ever seen a dream where you are in heaven? Well in Kyoto visit Arishiyama bamboo which is the real heaven on earth.

3. Osaka

Unlike Tokyo, this populous city is more like having a reclined essence. The nightlife of Osaka will engulf you whole and sole. When you are in search of a good mood vibe you must visit the aquarium and Ferris wheel. It is like a paradise for foodies. In Japan, Ramen is very famous and when it comes to Osaka, Ramen in Osaka is best.

4. Nara

To sink in the nature aspect of the country takes your wheels to Nara. Nara has the maximum population in the country. If you are looking for a go-to Japanese vibe and learn more about their culture, Nara is the place you were looking for. The city is full of shrines and never-ending history of old temples. Will you visit Japan to praise its Philanthropic culture? Todaiji-temple is the biggest one.

5. Hakone

Hakone is like the roof of Japan. This hill station is filled with volcanic mountains. You can take a ropeway to ascertain the amazing view of Mt. Fuji. Peace park here just feels like you are too close to the sky as everything here is at its most vibrant nature. Are you a good food lover?

Then you must go to Hakone for delightful and tasty dishes.
Japan has its layers of diversification and contrasts them in the best possible way. If you are a teacher or student you must visit Japan once to truly appreciate its calm culture, magnificent history, exotic architecture, natural beauty and friendly people.

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