8 tips to be top in Merit for better Future

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How to be the top in merit? Yes, winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently.

There are 8 main tips to make you top in merit they are :

How to be top in Merit
  1.  Attraction and love for your goal: If you love your goal, you can struggle and work more. Then you will work for your goal on your own. There will be more self-study. There will be more discipline because you will be self-disciplined. Then you will work on it while all other people will be sleeping. You will monitor your own work. A strong bond will be created between you and your target. Then you will be thinking about your goal all the time. You will become mad for it. In dreams, also you will see books. It means you are very close to your goal. Love it. Love your dream. Love your goal. Your target will be attracted towards you are like a magnet, and you will reach into the list of merit holders.
  2. A strong burning desire: If you have a strong burning desire, you will never feel tired. Your strong ‘Will’ will always inspire you to study. So ask a question to yourself, “Do I really want to be the top in Merit ?” Remember, “failure is not a crime, but a low aim is a crime .”
  3. Early beginning: Every action needs time. Nothing is free. Everything is paid in terms of two things; money and time. But between money and time, time is more costly. So start on your journey for success as early as possible.
  4. Proper Training: Go through proper training. Proper training means take training from an experienced and well-trained teacher. You may get advantages from their experience. Respect them. Don’t evaluate their teaching with money. Money can be earned and spent. Knowledge will always survive. Never interfere with them. Then magic will happen. Do their homework sincerely. Make them feel happy with your self-discipline and this helps you to be top in merit.
  5. Revision, proper revision: There should be a proper revision. Proper means revision in a proper way. Solve more papers. Solve previous years’ papers within a proper time limit.
  6. Common sense during real exams: Sometimes we see totally new questions on a real exam, at that time, instead of being in a panic, try to translate them, try to relate them with your past knowledge. Take a deep breath and concentrate. Try to face all unknown circumstances with 100 % of your effort.
  7. Concentration and patience: Study with concentration. Always keep your dream in front of you. Ask yourself why you are learning? What is your goal? Many times we don’t understand some concepts on the first attempt. Then retry, retry, and keep trying. Your every trial will take you towards perfection.
  8. Never Give Up: Yes, never give up. Success is a journey and it never stops. Keep trying. We don’t always get a favorable outcome. But those who win, keep trying. Always remember, many inventions have been done after several failures. Our failures inspire us. And yes, success is important not just for yourself, but also for your nation. So never give up. Bold and strong people become bolder and stronger after failure. Our failures inspire us.

To be in merit , we need more revisions but to revise more we need to read more for reading more we need more time, but everyone has 24 hours, so we can do it, it’s very simple, you should increase your speed of reading.

Some practical tips to learn more in less time :

  1. Underline the main words (Keywords).
  2. Most of us have the habit of reading aloud, which we should avoid, I mean only see the words, and don’t pronounce them, then you can read faster, in the beginning, you find it tough but after practice, you will feel comfortable.
  3. Write faster: Which handwriting (Cursive or normal) is not important, the main thing is that readers(examiners ) should be able to read without any difficulties.
  4. Draw faster: You should practice drawing because subjects like maths, science, geography, and engineering need pictures or drawing, so you should have good practice because the people who top in merit are mostly normal hard-working, and they practice with some strategy.

You can make your dreams come true

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