What makes a Good teacher


Children spend a lot of time with teachers, so they influence their way of thinking. If we look at history we find that all great people had great teachers. They could become great because of their teachers. All great people recognize the value of teachers. They could become great because they had respect for their teachers. History is full of examples.

Teachers have the ability to make or break someone’s life.

For children, teachers are their role models. They observe each and every activity of teachers and they evaluate their teachers on every occasion. So if a teacher wants to rule over students then he/she must aim for perfection and have strength of character.

Parents have trust in us. Each and every parent dreams that their child will do something great in his/her life. So today, a teacher’s duty is not only to complete the syllabus, but also to indoctrinate values.

Students follow us only when we aim for perfection in our work.

An average teacher tells;

A good teacher explains;

The best teacher illustrates;


An excellent teacher motivates!

So, an excellent teacher always inspires his students to do great things.

There are many teachers who had very little formal education, but they had great disciples .

What we want to derive from education ?

According Vivekananda we want to develop character, and nothing else.

What is the best quality of a teacher ?

The best quality of a teacher is impartiality.

For learning anything, there should be an urge to learn. It is an urge which inspires teachers to teach better.

When children respect teachers ?

Children respect teachers in a natural way, if they find similarities between their teacher’s speech and deeds. They never respect those teachers who don’t teach them real and practical values. They respect more, the ones who teach them how to live a real and dignified life.