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How to check papers faster? Let’s see some proven techniques to check faster.

How to check papers faster
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While checking papers, we always think to check them faster, let’s see how to check them faster. Before we discuss this topic in length, let me explain to you what preliminary task we all teachers should do?

  1. Set a model answer and question paper well in advance.
  2. Fix a schedule to checking
  3. First check with slow speed
  4. Find keywords or key sentences for each brief or long answer, as it will help you to check faster.
  5. Once you understand the answers well, you can increase the speed of checking
  6. Understanding the topics or concepts well in advance before you start checking papers, will help to do justice with students.
  7. Decide the strategy of allotting marks, such as for spelling mistakes how many marks will be deducted.
  8. For every subject, there are different criteria to give marks like for maths, science it is different from languages.
  9. Consider the level of #students.
  10. Consider the main aim of the present pattern of education.
  11. While checking them just keep evaluating the child’s understanding level and their skill to present the answers.
  12. Try to understand what the child wants to express.
  13. Sometimes you will find some students answer innovative and creative in such cases just ask yourself, is his answer correct from any point of view. Because according to constructionists it is one goal of education. Such answers are expected for free-response or application-type questions.
  14. The constructivism principle should be well grasped by the teachers before they start checking.
  15. Teachers who are going to check papers should have taught those subjects because then they can do justice with students.

Now let’s see some different and more practical points which a teacher should  for getting her paper checked faster :

  1. Read and understand the questions and their answers well in advance.
  2. Make model answer paper.
  3. Find keywords or key sentences for each answer.
  4. Fix a schedule for checking.
  5. Avoid distractions and kick the laziness, start the work see the magic how it gets over.
  6. Concentration: Concentration plays an important role in checking.
  7. Decide the strategy for checking; for example ‘ some teachers check first all objectives and the other questions like briefs or essay type questions later on.

But in order to check, I recommend that you should have read the syllabus or content of the exam, because this helps you to do justice with the students. You should learn from experienced teachers.

What to learn from experienced teachers ?

You can see how they check faster, it’s my personal experience that what we can learn from experienced people that we cannot learn from theoretical courses, because they are the real field worker. I have learned too much by observing the way of working of experienced people.

Once Socrates had said, ‘Spend more time with old or senior people, because they have practical knowledge of life.

The same technique, we can apply for checking. While you set papers, we should include clear questions, I mean questions should not vague as vague questions create confusion and first students find it tough to write papers, and then after teachers find it difficult to check.

How to check online exams ?

Most of the online exams or auto-graded like google forms or Microsoft quizzes have objective questions auto-graded. Let’s see some online resources where we can create quizzes or tests for online exams :


Google forms

Microsoft forms

Essay type or short answer type questions can be also set, but they cannot be auto-graded. So we need to check such online tests manually. I recommend Teston because it has so many features.

If you want to learn how to create test papers with the help of above three resources then watch following videos :

Creating Quiz using Google forms :

Creating Quiz using Microsoft forms :

Creating Quiz using TestMoz :

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