How to Make Self-Study Time Table

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If you are a student and you have some goals to achieve in this academic year, then this article is for you .

How a businessman do audit of his profit or loss in same way as a student, you should also do analysis of your increase or decrease of percentage.

You can see your previous years Marksheet. You should feel inspired and plan some Educational activities which can improve your skills or develop new potentials .

For example , for handwriting, write few sentences everyday, for Maths , learn tables ,byheart squares ,square roots ,cubes , cube roots .

How to make set Self_study Time Table :

  1. Hard or new things, you should learn in the morning when we are very fresh.
  2. After every 30 minutes of study, take a break of 3 minutes, in these 3 minutes you can get up and remove physical strain or take a deep breath and recall what you learned and again restart your studies.
  3. Every moment you should remember your goal. Because your goals and dreams will fuel energy in you to study
  4. If 2 hours you study, History/Geography or political science then next hour study Mathematics and then after study Science and then after again Languages.
  5. Every day you can include in your timetable 🙁 1)One social science subject (2) one language (3) one Mathematics
  6. If you have more time than the subjects given in point 5, can be repeated in the cycle (the same sequence again and again to avoid boredom).
  7. Read or watch something motivational if you feel more tired, but it should not be over because ‘Time is your true resource. ‘.
  8. Eat food in time, drink more water.
  9. Follow proper sleep patterns. Take sufficient sleep which makes you feel fresh and energetic.
  10. Read if you are not feeling sleepy, read till you feel sleepy.
  11. Revise, full-day activities before going to bed.
  12. Study with concentration and efficiency is more important rather than just spoiling time with books.
  13. Next day activities should be well planned before one day. The entire schedule should be well planned and well organized.
  14. Obey parents and teachers sincerely and make them aware of your goals.
  15. Appear for more practice exams, take every exam as seriously as your board exam.
  16. While making your Self_study timetable keep in view, which subjects you need more time for preparation.
  17. Your Self_study timetable should be made by yourself and the most important thing, you should follow it very strictly.

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