Teacher's Day Celebration

Teacher’s Day Celebration (Online Activities for students )- 3 Easy Steps


Teacher’s Day Celebration on Social Media platforms

Online activities for students on Social Media On account of Teacher’s Day (5th September )

State Government guidelines for 5th September (Teacher’s Day Celebration )

  1. Login to Facebook
    2.The Facebook ask us ,update your status (on our time line , it is available)
  2. Most important step :
Teacher's Day

First we type : @thxteacher ( after typing if we click space or enter then this will become ( Thank You Teacher) and it will become a govt link immediately , if we click on it we can see the details . After this below that we should Type #ThankATeacher , then after , below this , we should type or upload whatever article or image we want to upload . (as usual we do on facebook )

@thxteacher (should be typed without spelling mistake)

I have done this for checking :

Teacher Day celebration
If we click on Thank You Teacher , then below detatail we can see for confirmation if we have done properly or not .

If we keep cursor on Thank You Teacher , we see the detail .

And if we click on #ThankATeacher , following page will appear , where thousands of posts we can see :

this is the first post , on this tag #ThankATeacher

All events can be uploaded by tagging the video, photos and other material on Social media like Facebook…..

In same way on other social media platform also same kind of activities can be done .

Every year on 5th September , we celebrate Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan birthday as Teacher’s Day .

It’s an initiative to acknowledge the efforts of dedicated and sincere teachers . On this planet , teachers are always honored .

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