Importance of Education

Importance of Education: 1 Powerful Thought

Education System

Importance of Education

Importance of Education echos in the words of Nelson Mandela :

As it was once rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”.

Education sets the foundation for better individuals in society as well as the world at large as it brings about social and economic prosperity and also political stability.
Most of the countries across the globe have realized the importance of education and the fundamental fact that children need to grow up in a sound environment of values as they mature into responsible human beings, capable of handling the country’s administration in the long run.

Education has major advantages in the life of an individual for instance- it illuminates the mind of a person, it helps students to think and act according to a particular situation. An educated person thinks, acts and behaves in a certain way which helps in his/her personality development as well as helps the community progress in a certain way. It prepares an individual for various life experiences and gives them a special place/ position in society and elsewhere. Education is a never ending process, it is considered a valuable asset which a person carries from the cradle till the grave. Education paves a way for better employment opportunities as there are better chances of acquiring ones desired job.

Importance of Education cannot be described in terms of employment or it’s ability to make you a good earner but to make you a good learner .

A highly educated person has an edge over the other in different fields. Education polishes the mind, strengthens our behavior and character towards other individuals. It provides us with information about various fields and in particular helps us to master the art of learning. Therefore without education a person may not be able to lead a decent and sustainable life. Moreover education grants a good status in society.

Educated people are considered as a good source of knowledge for society and its well- being as they enlighten others with their moral values. Educated people in a way helps others to make the right decision as they are exposed to better life experiences as compared to others, thus they are considered an honor as they serve and contribute towards the advancement of society.

It is a well-known thought that having self-confidence is the result of quality education. Having a great level of self-confidence leads to many advantages for a successful life, for instance- it helps one manage various challenges in life as one learns to analyze the root cause of the happenings. Self-confidence make us aware of how well we can perform at a particular task. The end result is that a highly educated person is undoubtedly successful in life.

Constitutional right in India

Education is considered a constitutional right for each of its citizens. The Government of India passed The Right To Education Act 2009 on 4th August, 2009. People belonging to any creed, caste or race can avail the primary education as it is compulsory and free of cost. As a child most of us have higher aspirations and dreams such as a doctor, lawyer, pilot and many more, to fulfill these dreams it is necessary to receive education at a higher level. A good level of investment in education can give the best returns in the long run as one earns a great sum of money in the long run.

Different levels of learning

At a school level, education is divided into four sections- pre-school, primary, secondary and higher secondary. School level education consisted of traditional texts as well as provides children with theoretical knowledge. The new curriculum however consists of application based learning such as experiments, extra-curricular activities as well as practical knowledge. The digital era has made learning more accessible to students across the globe to take up any course at their fingertips during any point of their life.

Adult education

Importance of Education

It’s never too late to learn any skill at any point of life, I mean the importance of education doesn’t decrease as we grow.

To live would mean to learn different tasks and skills every day and the day we stop learning and shut our minds towards the eagerness to learn is the day we would be considered the living dead as learning keeps the mind and soul active. Adult education can be divided into two categories – a) educating the illiterate adults, mostly in the rural areas b) adults who wish to resume their education even after settling down in life. Most of us consider ‘adult education’ as the ‘functional literacy’ of society.

The major difference between adult and children education is that the former brings greater maturity to the process of learning and helps to get rid of the bad habits which they have inculcated during the course of their encounter with others. However today we are fortunate to see people from different age groups who are eager to learn and acquire new skills at different age.


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