Choosing Right career after 10th

Choosing The Right Career After The 10th Grade


Choosing The Right Stream for Better Career After 10th

Right in the heart of every graduating student hides the question of which career to choose after the final board exams in schools. This question pops up right from time to time perhaps because it paves ways for further fundamental decisions in the life of students. And sincerely, this calls for attention because the majority of students are always confused when it comes to choosing their streams. We must assert that choosing the right stream has a long way in determining a student’s future.

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Some students fail in life mainly because they got it wrong from the start. Some take this vital decision with a baffled mind. It is important to have a vivid career plan in order to have a happy professional life later in the future. With little or no knowledge in carefully deciding which stream to choose for a better career prospects, students are most likely to fall victim to their parental or childhood pressure. And they thereby end-up in a career that isn’t suitable for them. Hence, we deem it paramount to elucidate some concepts to guide students through a successful career by choosing the streams that are right for them. This writing will certainly be of help to you, directly or indirectly, irrespective of your current education level. Let’s get started.

First and foremost, there is this germane reason to express some of the challenges faced by students before diving into walking you through the guide in choosing the suitable stream out of the three (3) main stream options (Science, Commerce and Arts) that are available for students to decide after their grade tenth (10th) exams.

Nearly all students are negatively affected when their parents already have a say in deciding which stream to embark on. Thus, they deny their children what they have passion for. The problem with this approach is that some times, even when the children are not eligible for the stream, or have no interest in such stream, they remain firm that they must go for the stream. The point remains that students should have the right for their choices after a good understanding of the three streams.

Also, some students have this soundless orientation that choosing their streams right after the grade ten (10th) is not a very important choice of life and that they can take their careers after grade 12th. Unfortunately, this logic does not really favor everyone. The early bird gets the worm. Therefore, it’s always a good advice to make hay while the sun shines.

Guides Through Selecting Your Stream

Decision making is a very vital skill needed in all aspects of life. You will only be concerned about taking choices when you know that you will be the one to face the consequences of your decisions. Hence, these guides walk you some factors that should be taken into consideration before finalizing your thought on any of the screams. Be sincere to yourself!

·        Have A Thorough Understanding Of All The Streams

If you know that subjects like Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics are not your favourites, then selecting Science will be risky for your career and consequently, your future. Also, students who have sound skills in mathematics, and accounting could probably head for the Commerce stream. Similarly, if you are good in literature, English, and Political Science, you can definitely make the Arts stream your choice.

·        Take Your Academic Performance Into Consideration

Being submissively honest to yourself can offer a conclusive decision in this regard. Be yourself and don’t try to be some else. By adequately discovering your ability, then you are good to go.

·        Have A Personal Research of Career Prospects

Before reaching at any conclusion, it is highly recommended that you do research of the stream of your choice. You are free to eliminate subjects that you think might hinder your future pursue, and with that, you can arrive at a decision of the right stream suitable for you.

·        Visit A Career Counselor

Career counseling can be of help to you when deciding which stream best fits you. Career counseling will let you know and understand yourself better.

At this point in time, you have to select one of the three streams depending on the aforementioned criterion you had considered; Arts, and Commerce, and Science.


This stream houses many of the booming career options in the town. Researches show that most students aim for this stream as it provides greater options when they leave school. Realistic speaking, Science stream gives room to the studious. It’s well-known for its flexibility, in the sense that students in this stream have the freedom to select Arts or Commerce after pursuing it in the 12th grade. Found in this stream are subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), etc.


The core courses in Commerce stream are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. The English Language comes as a compulsory subject irrespective of the stream you belong to. This stream also offers high-paying and respected jobs such as banking, insurance, foreign trade, stockbroking, investments analyst, etc.


Students in Art stream are provided with subjects like History, Literature, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc. This stream holds varieties of career opportunities like Mass Communication, Graphic Design and Animation, Journalism, Teacher Training, B.M.S (Building Management System), etc. This stream records the least population of student in most schools.

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