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Mental Health: 1 Most important Aspect of Education

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Mental Health & Physical Health go hand in hand

“I am ok,you’re ok.

India in world’s populations holds the second place while holds a rank of 139 in developing countries so you might be wondering what is this have to do with the title so let’s go deeper into the topic so in point of developing education and knowledge plays the vital role in India education falls under the government at 3 levels federal, state, local.

The literacy rate in India is up to 77.7 in 2019 but in our education system it is only pointed on the traditional subjective knowledge but not on its applications and most of the people in India believe we get succeeded because of our education.

Here comes a big “No”.education is important because it teaches us some basic values on doing our chores like buying vegetables what to do in a critical situation being kind helping others. It is not just the marks it builds a person’s character, it develops a person’s attitude and vision of seeing things in life. And most importantly ability to make decisions and see things from multiple viewpoints. It’s an important indication that an individual has sound mental health.

But in our education system, there’s a lack of recognition for mental health issues neither the parents nor the school Authorities pay attention to it in schools kid’s are rewarded for being on their best behaviour and kid’s who don’t are being punished there’s nothing wrong in it until you know the reason behind the things he’s doing maybe the kid who got rewarded is doing for the reward and kid who got punished is doing because of his family problems. Indian teens tend to go suicides drugs and tend to be alcoholics in searching for peace.

Mental Health

Therapy and counseling are not considered as options and coming to teenage most of the kid’s stop sharing things with their parents and parents pay only concern to their studies then what’s happening in their life since schooling kids have to be thought that education is not only for earning even for being kind and being respectful most of the parents don’t talk about the emotional changes one goes under teenage. Not everyone is meant to be good, but everyone are meant to noticed when they need help.

A lot of things may be happening in life but being there for someone helping them in need is where the actual development starts. When you can acknowledge your feelings and as well as the people around you is where happiness and prosperity begin. We may be from any religion our holy books are quoted with different situations about being kind and understanding others with being us. (This can be absorbed only when we have good mental health .)

In this world both good and bad are important but classifying good and bad come on what point of view you are on deciding one is wrong the other is correct comes from knowledge on things and awareness .while deciding we may come across many emotions all may not be positive but when you are ready to accept yourself and are aware of what emotions are you triggered to there’s no downfall .that’s when poverty in India has an answer. If mental issues, awareness is made. And we must include some activities for sound mental health.

Thought in schools as a basic thing for life then India will be the different country from now time doesn’t change people knowledge does and education does when conflict solving and emotion recognition comes in our education system in all types of schools then people in India will make it developed country. India is unique with its ethical values and standards that’s what makes us unique from other countries. India is known for unity in diversity. let’s Include an acceptance of mental health issues as normal as other medical issues and be treated in its way. In that way if I am good to you you’ll be better to me .so I am ok you’re ok.

Hence, Mental Health is one of the most important aspects of Education.

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