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10 Allied Useful Health Science Courses after 12th


Health Science  Courses-A Good Career Opportunity

Are you a 12th pass out in the science stream wondering about your next career options? Want to work as a healthcare professional, but not as a traditional physician, nurse, or pharmacist? Want to find a different and unique course for which suits your personality and needs? Well, then this article is for you! Here, I’m going to discuss Allied Health Care courses with you and give insight into a few of them.

Allied Health Science is a developing concept in the healthcare industry, consisting of a separate stream of health care professionals contributing towards diagnostic, curative, preventive, and rehabilitation care of the patient. The term ‘Allied Health Sciences’ consists of as many as over a hundred professionals, apart from traditional physicians, surgeons, nurses, and pharmacists.

With the introduction of the Allied Health Care Bill, the concept of Allied Health Professional is being greatly accepted by the healthcare industry. In the wake of the current pandemic, there has been an increase in the demands of technicians, therapists, and nutritionists. The Allied Health Care Professionals have strengthened and augmented the healthcare industry, which has been a prime motive in the current crisis. In the present scenario, the need and demand for Allied Health Care Professionals have risen to great demand. A student wishing to go into the medical field, but in well-known courses, can check out these courses, which are only set to increase in demand as the years continue, and the citizens become more aware of their medical needs and want.

Health Science

Here is the list of a few Allied Health Care professionals in no particular order. The admissions in these courses are either based on marks obtained in 12th standard or through various entrance exams at the national, state or institutional level.

1.Bachelor of Physiotherapy –

  • Is a four-year course with a compulsory six-month internship.
  • Equips students to manage, prevent and correct, deformity, impairment or disability – either due to birth, trauma or disease.
  • Teaches the students to be a skilled therapist, to diagnose and through observation and manual tests, and treat without essentially using the medicine.
  • Students have options to do further studies, Master in Physiotherapy in various disciplines like Neurology, Cardiorespiratory, Orthopaedic, Pediatrics, Palliative, Rehabilitation. It’s a good course in health science .

2.Bachelor of Occupational Therapy-

  • Is a four-year course with a compulsory six-month internship.
  • Teaches students the skill to handle any situation, including both mental and physical stress on a patient.
  • Equips students to be observant, to plan treatment with clinical reasoning and implement the same. In today’s busy world , this health science course has its own importance.

3.Bachelor’s in Optometry-

  • Is a four-year degree program with the inclusion of a compulsory one-year internship in a clinical setting.
  • Equips students to be primary eye care doctors, who diagnose, manage and treat eye conditions by prescribing contact lenses or glasses, and medical treatment including prescription drugs or vision therapy.

4.Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology {BASLP}

  • Is a four-year degree program.
  • Equips students to deal with patients having difficulty in speech or hearing either due to trauma or disease.
  • Includes educating students on treating various speech disorders like stuttering and lisping, either by birth or after trauma.
  • Students can go for Master or research program as further study options. This health science course has more application in teaching-learning process . Some students who suffer from speech disorder are recommended to contact such experts .

5.Bachelor of Cardiac Perfusion-

  • Is a three years undergraduate program with a six months internship.
  • Equips students to understand heart physiology and pathology, and to operate various associated equipment used to support or imitate the work of the heart or lungs during medical procedures. As the heart is a vital organ, so as this health science course .

6.Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Technology-

Health Science
  • Is a three year course with compulsory six-month internship.
    • Equips students to conduct various diagnostic tests, handle equipment, make reports and document the results.

7.B.Sc in Critical Care-

  • Is a four year undergraduate program.
  • Equips students with knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of equipment and machinery used in intensive care unit, operation theatre and basic emergency care. This health science course has great opportunity as such patients need , great adept experts who could provide quality service .

8.B.Sc in Respiratory Therapy

  • Is a three year undergraduate program with admissions based on entrance tests like JEE Main, BITSAT, COMEDK, etc.
  • Is a medical field opportunity for students interested in engineering options rather than medical aspects.
  • Equips students with knowledge of scientific application of technology used in diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with the cardiopulmonary or associated diseases.

9.B.Sc in Radiology –

  • Is a three year course with six-month internship.
  • Equips students on various radiographic evaluations like X-ray, CT scan, MRI; and extract useful information from the same.

10.B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics-

  • Is a three-year undergraduate course.
  • Equips students on topics of nutrition, healthy diet, modification regarding certain diseases, proper healthy food habits, and importance of various nutrients and their functions in the human body. This health science course has more demand in present scenario.
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