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The right career (Streams) choice is the foundation of my entire life, so be confident after reading this post.

As it is the pandemic time many colleges and schools have online classes and students have completed their 10th and 12th standards government couldn’t allow public exams so all the students have benefited from the internal marking system so this blog is for those kids who have completed their 10th and 12th standard.

Many students go under a drastic confusion of which path or stream should be chosen. First education is not only the choice for income.  It is a way for gaining knowledge and turning into better humans.

How to choose the right career

We are here to discuss the streams we will start it from 10th standard we have traditional options like  MEC, MPC, CEC, HEC, MBIPC  but now many CBSE  schools have included many other choices like MBIPC, MPEC and all which are selected by the students so whatever subject you’re trying to choose you can choose you’re career out of it or can switch to different and can change it here your hobbies and interests play a vital role many students would want to go to army some wants to peruse their career in sports .

So whatever subject you choose it adds burden to you it should have the subjects that interest you.

Even in the cases, you turned out to be a drop out we have options like social media influencing, gamer, YouTube, blogger, content creator, affiliate marketing, and all so education is not only the way to get a grip on your interests and us your passionate you many people will tell you what you have to study but you’re the one doing it.

The choice you may prefer , it may be easy or difficult but it’s what you choose so you can put your efforts and mostly it interests you and nowadays many career counselors and guiders have emerged and had successfully guided apps like INFIGON have an established remarkable change in choosing the career option the app has a very user-friendly interface which will help any parent or the student.

After installing INFIGON app, register you’re self, and they will have the test conducted and then after the results, the app will show which career options are suitable for your personality.

Personality will also play a key role in choosing your career so be wise while you choose as that your future coming to 12th Standard you have already made a step, so you have two options  making the studied content as a base and further develop on it or choose a completely different option on it.

So MPC (Maths, Physics ,Chemistry ) has options like engineering civil, mechanical, and many more and BPC(Biology,Physics,Chemistry)has medical, pharmacy, agriculture and all MEC Maths ,Economics ,Commerce) accounts, so many engineering courses have come to India and many people want to go to abroad.

So whatever you want to choose you to have to give a test that you’re eligible for that course or college or for going abroad and if you want to do something different then what you studied like fashion designing, make artist, beautician and all there would different diploma courses with that so here also the same thing education is just the base and your income doesn’t need to be dependent on your profession.

But when you, in any point of future want to start a startup then you need to have all kinds of knowledge so choose from what you have or what you want to do and mostly prepare yourselves for all the entrance and competitive exams like ugcet,cucet,emcet,jeee and all if that’s what you’re searching for. .or if you have chosen a diploma after your 10th  and want to go higher on it then many universities and colleges offer lateral entry do focus on the career guidance consultancies play a vital role so and when you’re in a doubt contact them and they’ll have a wide variety of options which are perfectly suitable for you so you don’t have to doubt and fall down and get up again but always choose the profession which furthermore inspires you or makes you want it.

Because career and choosing study stream aren’t the same things so when you’re choosing to be in the way that adds some spark to your profession and let’s have a look at career consultancy Career Counselling is the pivotal cog in a student’s journey.

A good career counselor makes the perfect roadmap for students and based on which they can achieve their goals. It can give the right direction to the child alongside advise the parents to take up progressive decisions. The choice of career is based on the aptitude and interest of the child.

Usually, the right age is around 13 to 17 means 8th to 12th Standard but as you know money has no age and neither does earning and internships add a lot to your personality and resume it gives you an idea of the industry, and it’s working and there are high chances where people hire or are more to be successful who completed an internship and already have knowledge on it internships are not only pursued in educational purposes they can be done on your hobbies too and there are high chances they can be turned in to your interests and have better career options

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