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21st Century – A free boon or a new of bane?

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21st Century : ‘Year 2000-21 ‘A Brief Review

There are lots of topics to talk about, yet why this, the 21st century? That’s because in India, over 120K people have died due to pollution a year. 25 lakh people have died due to starvation a year, over 1 lakh people have died by committing suicide per year, and deaths due to heart diseases and ill medical services have been so big that India ranks 1st in deaths like these. Now, all this has happened between 2000-2021.

People may tell me that I live in this century, and I Just know only about the century I live in. Dear people, with all due respect, so are you. Ask your elders who have been born many moons back. Was it the same situation? Hell no. Off course, 21st Century has partially been a gift from the mankind to mankind. There are tremendous scientific advancements, medical progress, and highly notable developments in a great many fields, major and minor ones included.

21st century

Mankind is now, in this 21st century, starting to learn how to adapt to all those changes that is made over the century. That’s truly a huge achievement of mankind. Nevertheless, we are missing an important part. Valuing lives.
Mankind has been evolving ever since it appeared on the planet. But, those early evolutions were absolutely the necessary ones. Now, in this 21st century, I’m starting to get concerned about how will mankind survive when the evolution its making is crafting brand new paths for death.

For example, back in the 80s and 90s, people used to die due to normal infections, but now, we have the technology to survive deadly viruses like Covid-19 and Ebola. And again, back in those days, where was the number of deaths due to air pollution?

And today where is it? The difference between the deaths in these two timelines is nothing but the change in the way of deaths. The point, however, is, evolution can not always be something positive, and we are barely in the beginning of the 21st century. This era has proved that mankind can hold up a huge potential power.

It’s time we stop and focus on what needs to be done. Evolution is then only an evolution when it’s necessary. At other times, it’s just growth for a purpose that may even be unwanted. It’s not something we plan and accomplish. It’s natural and forcing something natural and big as the evolution to happen quickly or as per our wants is disastrous.

21st century is a time where mankind has to rest for its amazing efforts towards the glorious evolution. We are now ought to let nature do it’s job. If all the polluting means are shut down for a nearly a decade. We can have our part of the earth restarted. What to do in that decade. Well, there are lots of that are to be taken care of.

The education system, skills development, sanitary services, treating the medical service system itself, reallocation of resources, wildlife conversation and development, tourism development and the list goes on. I know it’s a lot to ask and plan for, and so is the price for thousands of fresh lives. I have this lovely line from a marvel movie which goes, “Victory at the expense of innocent, is no victory at all.” We exploit nature, although unwanted, we bring something out of it and call it progress. Would those actions define what’s known as progress?

What’s stopping mankind from resting and looking back at what all we’ve caused, achieved and missed? These are the perfect time to rectify our mistakes. Why hiding when we can and are able to clear those mistakes? Our pace of evolution is so intense that children these days have started to take silly things in a serious way and they’ve become so lost in the digital world that their parents are happening to put extra efforts to control it and not them.

How ridiculous is this that we were in a phase where relationships are getting spoiled and are quiet about that assuming its the impact of today’s world. And parents these days have started to secure their children’s future and forgetting to live the moment with them, and great ideas are put aside due to exams, and life’s worth is decided in how much we grow and not in how good we are.

Now let’s answer it. Is the 21st century a boon or a bane? Having read all the thoughts and facts above, I’d rather conclude that 21st century is a natural chance for the mankind to rectify all the mistakes that has and has been happening to cost innocent lives. This period can be a stepping stone for a wonderful world ahead or as the world is more vulnerable due to the pandemic, this can be the most destructive period now, and I’m afraid that this, is just a beginning for it.

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