7 Best Part-time Jobs For Students!


Jobs That Students Love To Take Up Part Time.

How may times have heard – “We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and people have lost their jobs” in the past couple of years? What I feel about the unemployment persentage in India is that, people have become so busy in their lives that most of them are failing to accept the fact that a degree is just a qualification and not en entire career.

I’d target students, in other words, educated youths to look upon the situation. Yes, people have lost jobs. But that doesn’t mean that upcoming generation would find hard looking for a job. Even though these are tough times, it’s 21st century, so don’t worry. Everything has a solution.

Which Are Those 7 Jobs?

Now let’s look up how the entire equation of finding jobs in India can be changed. And how do we do that? We find solutions to existing problems by looking into these 10 jobs exclusively for students.

1. Entrepreneur:

Students these days have that audacity to come up with new ideas in the field of Applications, public services, shopping, travel, blogs and vlogs and so on. A group of friends, no matter what each one’s degrees are, can sit down for a week come up with an idea, plan for it and go for it.

Earning potential (job opportunity should be well known to students )

This whole thing can employ hundreds of people depending on the depth of the idea. You seriously think that’s impossible? OLA is the best example I can give for a start up. If you think, on a little more broader scale, Amazon was also a start up once. One spark of idea in our brains can do wonders. Got friends? Go get ideas.

2. Game Developer and tester:

This job might really be fun for today’s kids. Once classes began online, kids are more pulled towards online games and gadgets. Why not make it worth? It’s nothing wrong for students to take up their career in this job.

Arguably, this job is going to be one of the best paid jobs in the next few years. Its paygrade also ranges from 15 grand to 1 lakh INR for beginner and intermediate levels.

3. Modern farming:

Life is a cycle, what goes up has to come down, and what comes down has to go up, eventually. I’m thankful to this pandemic which has taught a lot. One among it is the importance of the food. There are millions of farmers in India, yet very few of them have succeeded in farming. Why? The reasons ranges from lack of facilities to lack of knowledge.

Modern farming can be the best solution for what’s upcoming, the food crises. When it comes to pay grade, considering you grow India’s staple foods, a farmer can earn upto 50 grands to 20 lakh INR. This can literally be one of the healthiest jobs in the world.

4. Social media influencer:

Well, this part has a lot of blacks and whites. The youth must really try to understand what this job actually means. It’s not at all about having thousands of followers and writing “DM for paid promotions” in your bios. The name of the job says it all buddy. Influencing people about a product through your social media handles. That’s all.

A successful influencer knows what he/she must promote and what not, with whom they’re collaborating, what different strategies can be used and tons of things. It’s not like you show something and people suddenly start buying it.

Relax dude, You’re not some Khaby lame or Dwyane Johnson. It takes time to build your empire in social media if it has to pay you decently.


As students, we must spare sometime in building our skills. That is because, the molecular physics you study may not come in your life but the situation to use your skills definitely does. Here are some pretty decent skill uplifting jobs that one can do as part time.

1. Hotel staff:

Jobs for students

This job is one of the historic jobs. Many successful people have started their careers from this job. Ever wondered why? Because, this job provides us the opportunity to study different people and different mindsets at different situations. This is a life time skill, and not something one wants to lose.

2. Gym trainer:

Gym itself is a reason for many people’s confidence from the outside. How great is to be one who’s training them? You can build yourself as well as the one’s who’re in dire need of upgrade. It’s a two way process here. Considering all other things, the job make it’s pay grade look good.

One should learn to earn and earn to learn
Learn to earn and earn to learn

3. Local tour guide:

This job may be unofficial, but it’s worth it’s productivity. However, it does serves as a great opportunity to meet new people, interact with them, share about our culture and learning together.
Unfortunately, not everywhere there’s a tourist spot worth having a guide, ain’t it? But the one’s who can do it, I’d suggest them to sit with their elders, learn new incidents and ancient stories about the place. That’s all this job needs along with a pretty good communication skills.

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