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Caring for the Aged-1 Responsible Concern


Aged People are the resource of experiences

In most of the modern household the aged are neglected and isolated to the corner of the house. Today’s generation has failed to realize their service during their good days, most of us do not realize that they are in need of constant attention and are longing for the required care and attention. Once a person has reached their old age they are like children once again. Most of them suffer from various health related issues and should be well looked after.

Something seem to happen to them all the time as they most often complain about different ailments due to weaken bones. Most of the time they miss their balance from either the chair or the bed and a doctor has to be bought in for medication, whereas on the other hand some require monthly medication due to complicated health problems. Most of today’s generation is of the thought that the money spent for their medication could be saved and used to satisfy their material desires in order to be in-sink with the competitive world.

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Aged people want your time , not money

For most of the younger members of the family the aged are considered burdensome and a ‘boring company’ as their ideas and opinions are outdated from that of the younger generation. Their ideas and views are considered outdated and the “one which does not fit in the present generation”.

When one talks about the old generation the only thought that comes to my mind is their sad state of affairs. No doubt they try to rule the family by imposing their rules and regulations, but reflecting on the positive side of their advice is that they have seen and experienced many more years than we have.

The younger generation does not pay a heed to their advice and opinions but it is often necessary that we take their point of view into consideration.

It is the moral duty of the youth and young generation to care for their aged parents and grandparents as they have spent their golden age trying to support us at evert stage of our lives which helped us groom into responsible and caring human beings. But unfortunately today’s youth are ignoring their moral duty and instead sending their parents and grandparents to the aged homes and they barely even have time to look after their needs, due to the fast pacing world. Rather they prefer to live an independent life without the interference of elders, this does not prove to be a good sign for the family and for society.

Being a social animal and in the race for wealth we should learn to take care of the ages in order to receive their blessings for a successful future.

Before the coming of industrialization, people used to live in joint families and the old people were well looked after, as there were many family members to their aid, thus after retirement they felt the peace of mind as they were surrounded with the love, care and attention. With the advent of industrialization the traditional joint family system broke down to nuclear family as most of the young would travel to different countries for better education and work opportunities, which in a way would result in neglecting the aged.

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Love them they need your attention

With the replaced of the family system, this generation has normalized a lot of customs which are far away from the traditional value system. Along with drifting away from the family and living an independent life the young are not in much contact with their family members especially from old aged people , this has resulted in a huge communication gap.

The new generation is so involved and caught up in their own world of making money and living a better lifestyle, that they have forgotten the trauma of their aged parents and the other family members . It is at this stage when their confidence is dwindling that help is most needed. But actually what happens in most modern houses, is that the old are relegated to the position of the housekeeper and the baby sitter.

Most of the young generation expects them to be of use to the family and aid the house chores, but little do we consider their age and their weakness. In most households the old people do not have an option and have learnt to accept their plight of life. Life of such dependence, indignity and resignation ultimately affects their mental and physical state of living. No wonder such treatment makes them await their death. Thus in order to help them lead a fruitful and healthy life it is necessary that we pay attention to their basic well- being and necessity.


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