There are many cultural believes classified the geographical regions . People belonging to the different regions are set to be followed different cultural aspects .

• In India  there are many religious  practices  like Muslims  ,Hinduism,chirstianity,jainism,Sikhism  and so many Indian  is known  for its unity in diversity  .

Muslims  and some of the religious  communities  are said to be  minorities  as they are very few people  belonging  to the but we have  Muslims all over the globe  but there will lot of differences  between  our country  Muslims  and  rest   like UAE(United Arab Emirates) so their practices  are  based on the Islamic (sharia)culture  their country is driven by the sunni Muslims . In those countries  Muslims are not allowed to convert into other religions  which is strictly  prohibited  although  they encourage  other religious  practices  but they are not allowed to   practice  it . And  have very serious  consequences  on it .

As an example, here have been cases of individuals who have been held and then deported out of the UAE for distributing bibles.  Although bibles are not in themselves illegal, giving them out to Muslims is. Gender roles around this country follow patriarchal society women are awarded the same legal status, access to education and employment, claim to titles and the right to inherit property.


According to the World Economic Forum 2016, the UAE are a leading country in the region for equality. In these countries, married women Cannot be paid until they have their husband’s consent and it’s different in our countries women need not take   any consent from their husband’s  and have their right to choose their carrer and in India there  are serious  actions  for  domestic  violence irrespective  of their  religions  and there’s  no proper  law for domestic violence  in UAE and Children are highly prized and nurtured in the UAE. And  it’s very common  for people to have  6 to 8 children  Maintain eye contact with people of the same sex.

compare to another religion Muslims are said to be with high self reliability and greater ethical values of building a Loyal family in those family the head of the family will be taking decisions irrespective of the aspects the problem has arrived and its said that if we mistreat our elders there are said to go to hell

• according to the quaran Muslim men are intended to respect women and have to maintain a dignity of their behavior and are not allowed to have unwanted eye contact it’s shows the holiness and great respect to women

• It’s not usually common for Muslims to kiss and greet in order to spread positivity and brotherhood they hug each other and let them know their greetings and show that we all are the family of humans and share emotions and humanity in common

In Muslims opposite gender are not allowed to touch or make any intimate moves because women are treated next to their God .so not everyone can touch until they are married or blood related like brothers and sisters

Never give alcohol, pork products, knives or dog related items there are very different  customs on the Muslims where as In India opposite  sex are allowed  to have eye contact  and are allowed  to  talk  where as even in our  country kissing  and intimate   touching  in the public  are considering  as a punishable act UAE countries don’t allow coeducational purposes but it’s not same in India

they are imposed to these kind of rules because they want to chosen to heaven after death and its is scientifically proven that there is driven force with us if we observe their traditional practices they want their life’s to be a more systematic and not be driven by any negative influences and negative choices they lead to the disturbance in their Harmony

Many of their practices are similar to different religions it states the “sab ka Malik ek hein” different people have different perspectives and different ideology of gods . Often Muslims are often mistreated in many countries because of their practices they follow a different culture practices which enriches their personality and spirituality Muslim do fast for 40 days in Ramadan season which indicates the self control of the person to hold them selves on the fast for no matter what it is said by following these they are a step forward to reaching God although kids and women have exception on the circumstances they are on

Muslim girls/ women are said to wear hijab and niquab but that is not compulsory they are said to follow these only if they are interested and cannot be forced by anyone because it is their identity as Muslim women and it helps to protect their skin and hair when they go out as per now we wear masks and ppe kits but the wome wearing that are less prone to exposure of the viruses and flu. Because they are treated next to their God having girl child will bring their family a step closer to heaven .

So they are not allowed to show their hair or if the women is wearing niqab themselves to anyone who are not blood related or their husband’s

Halal means ‘lawful’, it pertains to what Muslims can do, especially in regards to food and drink. The. opposite of halal is haraam meaning ‘forbidden’. As we all know Muslims are not allowed to anything which contains pig products on it and it is said to be haraam and Muslim men’s are not allowed to shave their beards and Wear short above their knee level and women are said to be blessing in the holy kuran

Islamic holy books are the texts which Muslims believe that they are written of Allah through various authors and their reach of salvation through their practices and they all reach us in connectivity of humanity in greater levels .by reading those books in the time of Ramadan they are said to gain and understand their purpose of their life and know their path for their future success . It also talk about what our souls need to grow to become better person’s to the society and better version of them selfs and they encourage various people of different religions to convert and very happily welcome them to reach the way of Allah

there are many books that give idea of Muslims but Quran is Said to be the final books that leads our humans to a good path and helps us attain salvation

Often Muslims are mistreated because of few wrong guided by few Muslims but comparing to other relation and believes they are said to have the strict rules and greater effect on growth of the people don’t judge a book by its cover . Holy Quran is said to have more advanced writing to overcome the problems in future

when ever you feel you’re left alone or having problems by reading the holy Quran the problems are said to be found simpler on res seeing because Allah helps finds the solution

every rose or every creature is beautiful in its way so does our religion and one of the greatest aspect and add value to our country and culture are these Muslims they contribute to our well-being of our country as its one of the major saying that “love for your country is part of faith”

Bhanu sree

Hey people!! I am Bhanu sree my interest on writing is its my hobby .I want to convey the interest of different aspects and traditions through my writings.

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