SEO – 4 Certain Ways do it Right and Healthy.


How a proper SEO can change the game!

Blogging and Writing online have started to become a trend these days. While people start writing online, most of them fail. The reason is called SEO.

Search engine optimization or SEO, in simple words, is a set of rules that attracts maximum traffic to what you write. Among more than a dozen of rules, we’ll talk about the major ones and let’s explore them in detail.


Major Checks while writing online.

1. Word limit:

At schools, We often write essays, short stories, creative writings, short notes and so on. The first rule our teachers tell us is the word limit. Exactly the same, SEO strictly focuses on the word limit for the traffic.

It’s a simple logic. People who read online will not be reading everything, instead they search for the direct content they need. Hence, SEO makes it easy for the readers to catch up their needs with in a small content.

So what’s the ideal SEO word limit? Any content around 650-750 words would be considered ideal. But again, this depends on where in the internet you write.
Having an ideal SEO word limit would suffice? Definitely not. How would you feel when somebody tries to explain a whole topic with just 750 words? Not so good right? They need to add some illustrations or something like that. Which brings us to the next point.


2. Multimedia:

Unlike writing manually, writing online requires pictures or videos in some cases to fulfil the SEO requirements. It’s said that, through stats, Blogs having multimedia in them attracts 35% more readers than those which do not.
The media resources one must use for their blogs should be rich. Having 3 or more images related to the content or a couple of videos would satisfy our friend, The SEO.

Even from the reader point of view, those media resources at that particular time psychologically help to grab the content easily.

Illustrative examples of multimedia usage in SEO.

3. Linkages:

Most people who write online will choose topics such as Events, psychological issues, philosophies and answers for random questions. Sometimes, one can not explain everything thing in one article itself. But even if they did, SEO may not encourage it. Which means, that blog was just a waste of time.

SEO always encourages mutual support. A blog is then only considered SEO ideal if it has both, links that connect inside the site and outside the site.

For example, suppose a blog is talking about a person’s journey. In the content it’ll have the place where he went, what vehicle he was in and so on and if a reader doesn’t know the place he’s talking about, linkages always helps then and there itself to clear the doubts.

Through these linkages, readers of other blogs will visit yours’ and vice versa. However, traffic increases.

4. Keywords:

SEO will be reminding the write to remind his/her readers occasionally of what the writer is talking about. And how is that done? When any writer drafts their work, the blog asks them to pick out that word which should be majorly focused. Say for example, in this every article, we’re talking about SEO, hence that is the focus word or the keyword here.
It happens that if we get too involved in what are we going to convey, the topic might take a turn. In order to keep the topic on track, Keyword helps.
Additionally, there are many external sites that gives you an overview of SEO keyword competition, necessity etc in the contemporary blogs.

Appropriate keyword selection = More Readers

Supplementary tips

Apart from what we dealt above, there are quite a bits of things that actually works very well for SEO and leads to the positive growth of one’s blog.
1. The content should be cut, making it into smaller paragraphs. That results in faster readings and helps to gather more traffic.
2. Using a number in the article’s title results in attracting 20%+ readers. This happens while a reader is so specific of what he’s looking. For example, 5 tips for SEO, 10 Home made recipes, 20 Tour destinations and so on.

So on a whole, it’s very simple. Content must be 750 words long, should have rich media and linkages in them and must have a healthy keyword for the entire concept one’s writing. To all make it happen, cut the content down into short paragraphs, and number the title.

Easy, ain’t it? Well, they say there’s nothing wrong in trying. Grab your ideas and start blogging!! All the best buddies!! Do share this with one who needs it!!
Stay safe! Stay happy!

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