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Let’s Study the History of India from a Geographical Point of View

Indians have entrenched Harappan culture in the Indus Valley civilization almost over 6,000 years ago and many games like game of chess were invented by Indians. All advanced calculations like arithmetic and trigonometry calculations in mathematics were invented by our Indians. And we Indians have invented many more in our ancient times like decimal and place value systems.

India was the earliest and the first country to establish a University

India was the earliest and the first country to establish a university in 700 bc in Takshila India. So more than 10,500 students from all over the world and was a very prestigious moment of India . And it was not only specialized in one or 2 subjects, it was around 60 subjects.

When we study the History of India, they we come to know that,Health issues were common around those times and now so at that time oldest and one of the healthier ways of treatment was Ayurveda treatment and it was developed around 2500 years by great maharishi Charaka . He is referred to as father of drugs . In those times travelling around the places to connect around the people around the globe so to reach a place, we need to navigate .

And in India, it was an art known as Art of Navigation and it was brought to people’s knowledge over 6,000 years ago.

Several English words have their origin in Sanskrit

Isn’t our India just amazing not only that we have many more the word navigation is driven from Sanskrit word “navagtih” . The value of pie nowadays plays a vital role in statistics and in modern science and math’s it was discovered by Bhudhayana and also explained the concept of Pythagoras theorem. Surgery existed in India over 2600 years ago Sushratha the father of surgery have conducted many complex surgeries. The history of India also make us know that the oldest city in the world is located in India that is city of Varanasi or Banaras was established over 4000 years ago.

The art of yoga was invented by us. The history of India is continuous since the Holocene and we proudly call it Ithihasa the word Ithihasa is made of 3 words “Ithi” “Ha” “Asa” means thus verily happened . Vedic , post Vedic, Ithihasa and Purana texts are recorded in a different format which is now considered to be a norm.

Nowadays, we refer to history of India is what the colonial historians who doubted our antiquity with no evidence much prior to that the Rishis recorded chronological and genealogical history of India so that future generations could benefit from its learning let us scientifically explore our chronological antiquity.

When humans settled down in the Indian Peninsula

It may be difficult to say that when humans settled down in Indian peninsula catastrophic eruption of the tobacco volcano of Sumatra Indonesia has wiped out the humanity, flora, and fauna of India 75000 years ago Tobas erupted mass deposited an ash layer of 15 cm over the whole India archaeological site of Jawalapuram in Kurnool district Andhra Pradesh has the evidence of human habitation before and after the tobacco eruption possibly only a few people living the hills of Kashmir and Hindu Kush range might have survived gradually north-western and north India became habitable thus the Santa Sindu region and Sarasvati river became the cradle of Vedic civilization the archaeological findings of early agriculture on the banks of Lahuradewa lake in Eastern Uttar Pradesh have been carbon-dated from 13000 BCE to7300.

This sunken ancient city gulf of Cambay was indeed the city of Dvaravati which was built by Vishwa karma around 11100 BCE and it was submerged by sea around 9400-9300 BCE-at the end of meltwater pulse 1B around 10200-9400

. A submerged structure of ancient Poompuhar city in Tamil Nadu has been dated around 9500 BCE the dig of Bhirrana in Hisar has also been dated 7570 the famous Rakhighari site in Haryana is dated 6500 BCE . Based on the archeological astrological evidence , Brahma can be dated around 14500 BCE because he introduced 5 yoga calendar when summer used to occur in Dhanistha Nakshatra in 14500 BCE .after 1000 years Vishva Mitra observed summer solstice at Sravana Nakshatra around 13500 BCE mentioned in MAHABARATHA .

All such facts , increased our curiosity to learn history of India .

This phenomenon of Equinoxes

This phenomenon is called the precession of equinoxes. The Vedic legend of Prajapati Daksha and his 27 daughters clearly indicates the Mrigashiradi list of 28 Nakshatras which also coincide with the beginning of Vaivasmata Manvantra around 11200 BCE so here the every Yuga has a unique coincidence of the Nakshatra everything or every situation has the scientific explanation in our Vedas so we know about our family history but India is our family to this Independence Day, let’s have some knowledge about the invention and origin of the land we are living on. Isn’t it a shame that we know the name and not the origin of India This might be little complicated, but it is very Important

The history of India is not only from the colonial rule, we were Indians from before its rule and still Indians. India is one of the most amazing countries in the world. The history of India is one of the ancient histories of the world. We had many inventions according to our Civilization and time. Being an Indian we would have the responsibility to know about its birth, it’s just not the name it’s our mother India.

So, this article was about a brief summary of the geographical history of India .

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