The US Education System

Why The US Education System Is Better ?

Education System

The US Education System aims to create the best global citizens and provide opportunity to learn and work. Let’s review it.

The US Education System

Many international students are surprised to know that there is no educational system in the United States. Education is not mentioned in the US constitution. For this reason, it is a matter for each state to decide school policy. The federal government can influence education only by its limited funding and its fund amount is around 5% to each state.

The educational Structure of the USA is praised worldwide as the Educational System in the US because of its organization and well reputed and delivering world-class, quality learning. Under the US Education System, until the age of 16 or 18 education is mandatory for the students. The structure and quality of the US Education system are excellent and worldwide other countries always try to manage their educational system according to the US educational system.

The educational system in the USA

In the USA, at the age of 5 or 6 children start school. Under the US Education system, until the age of 16 or 18 education is mandatory. Children below 5 can go to a nursery school or preschool. At the age of 5, the children enter elementary school which is also known as grade school or grammar school which lasts 6 years. The first year at elementary school or grammar school is known as Kindergarten. After elementary school, students attend Middle School which is also known as Junior high school for three years. Then they continue to High school which lasts 4 years. Under the US Education system, students have to stay in school until they are 18 years old.

>5Nursery School/ Preschool
5 – 11Elementary SchoolK – 5th
11 – 14Middle School/ Junior High School6th – 8th
14 – 18High School/ Senior High School9th – 12th

Each year of schooling after kindergarten is referred to as a grade. To say what grade they are in, students in the USA use original numbers (first grade, second grade….twelfth grade, etc.).

Grading scale

In the USA as in other English speaking countries, letter grades are used in report cards.

GradeScale (in %)Grade description
B80-89Very good
C70-79Improvement needed
D60-69Close fail

Why is the US Education System Better?

  • US Education system always offers the best quality education to the student.
  • The classrooms and educational systems in the universities and colleges of the US are dynamic and flexible.
  • They organized their educational system very well and always provides an enhanced curriculum for learning
  • US Education System is student-oriented and helps the students to enhance themselves
  • The US Education System builds and nourishes the capabilities, skills, and potentials of the students.
  • The US Education System lets the students come out, express, organize and share
  • The US Education System offers great exposure for students and encourages their growth and development
  • The US Education System trains well that students can bloom in their immediate careers.

Stages of education Under the US Education System

Apart from the Pre-School and Elementary Education, the US Education System has:

  • Middle School (6th grade)
  • Junior High School ( 7th grade and 8th grade)
  • High School ( Freshman Year or 9th grade)
  • Senior High School
  • Sophomore ( 10th grade)
  • Junior (11th grade)
  • Senior(12th grade)

Higher Education under the US Education System

  • College( University) – Undergraduate School
  • First-year OR Freshman Year
  • Second Year OR Sophomore Year
  • Third Year OR Junior Year
  • Fourth Year OR Senior Year

Levels Of Degrees Under the US Education System

Associate Degrees: Associate Degree under the US Education System pursued after under graduation and it is structured for three years.

Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in the US Education System comprises four years. But this course can be completed by Part-time students in an extended time.

Master’s Degree: Master’s degree in the US Education System is completed in a year or two according to the field of study and the subject that is chosen for study.

Doctorate or Ph.D.: Doctorate or Ph.D. under the US Education System can long up to 3 to 5 years. It is full depending on the choice of the subject or research topic of the student.

In the USA a wide choice of subjects and streams are offered at the institutions for pursuing higher education. Literally, students can choose their subject from the field in which they want to major. The education given at all levels of degrees is exquisite and the finest. The universities under the US Education System provide the best education for the student to grow up their skills, potential, assist in their growth and development. Under the US Education System, all the levels of degrees are capable of triggering immediate careers and enriching the career and social life of students.

Types of Institution Under the US Education System for Pursuing Higher Education

There are various types of institutions in the US that provide quality education. These can be categorized into:


 These types of institutions are smaller than universities. Colleges generally provide undergraduate degrees. Community colleges, and affordable study option in the US which offer two-year associate degrees after which you can continue your studies in the university for another two years to gain an undergraduate degree.


 These types of institutions are Offered research-based masters, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. There are mainly two types of universities in the US:

·        Public universities: Public universities are Mostly state universities, this kind of universities are established and run by the state government

·        Private universities: Private universities are a mix of profit and not-for-profit universities. This kind of universities are supported by tuition fee and donations; approximately 20% of students attend private universities.

With the finest colleges and universities, education in the US is the best. It always brought out students in flying colors. As a part of American institutions, it will always be an asset. Apart from the high job employment opportunities, educational life in the US gains students a better social, economic, and emotional life. The fact that if you are studied from universities of US it will give you more reputation, and recognition. It is also a great reason why one should choose to study in the institutions of the USA.

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